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$36k - $72k est.
Munich Bavaria Germany

“10x Founders” is a new and innovative European venture company backing early-stage entrepreneurs on their journey of building global companies. Our partners are a team of very successful serial entrepreneurs and accomplished investors with an outstanding investment track record. We genuinely enjoy and are motivated by giving back to, supporting, and collaborating with entrepreneurs and their teams to create global leaders. At the same time, we have the ambition to establish a creative new venture fund that helps to bring European start-ups and entrepreneurship to the forefront of the European and global economy.

The role

We are now looking for an enthusiastic Technology Intern who joins us on our journey. We would like you to primarily focus on appreciating, understanding and discussing early-stage tech-focused ventures, their products and technologies, and the markets they operate in. These ventures will operate in fields such as AI/ML, Deeptech, Data Science/Engineering, Blockchain, Crypto, Cyber Security, Robotics, Autonomous Driving, and related fields. The job includes both some limited market and technology research and evaluation as well as your personal assessment of the attractiveness and innovativeness of a company. Being a Technology Intern at 10x Founders will allow you to meet interesting companies and entrepreneurs, cultivating honest trust between them and 10x Founders. It would also mean that you should develop and share a qualified point of view, especially in regards to the technology that often sits at the core of the start-up. Second, you should help nurture proper processes and procedures for 10x Founders’ company screening and tracking efforts, in order to help us establish a scalable infrastructure that allows the handling of many dozens of possible investments. Additionally, you support us with evaluating, connecting, and improving tools that support our other fund processes.

You are an innovative and energetic computer science/engineering/IT student (or from a related field) who demonstrates technical and analytical capabilities as well as the ability to make sound and responsible judgements. You are on your track towards a computer science, software engineering or data engineering career, and are interested in cutting-edge technology and digital products. You can code, have experience in building stuff yourself and like to think about innovative ideas, trying to always stay ahead of what’s new in the early-stage start-up and venture world. Lastly, you want to support entrepreneurs and early-stage start-ups. We want you as part of the team, with your ideas and views. You are motivated by the possibility to learn and grow, to leave your footprint on 10x Founders, and to jointly shape our future and the future of European entrepreneurship.


  • Understanding and evaluating the technologies that often are at the core of early-stage companies we are looking at, in fields such as AI/ML, Deeptech, Blockchain, Crypto, Cyber Security, Robotics, Autonomous Driving, Data Science/Engineering, etc.

  • Appreciation and evaluation of early-stage ventures, their products and technologies and potential for growth and success in general

  • Quantitative/qualitative market research and analysis of different industry sectors, including market sizes, competitive factors, market dynamics and technologies at play

  • Preparing information material that helps guide our investment decisions

  • Connecting and discussing with early-stage founders as well as our network of Fellows to support portfolio companies to grow

  • Cultivating your point of view and helping to shape the future of 10x Founders

Experience and requirements

  • Currently working towards a university degree in computer science/engineering/IT (or related field) with excellent grades, demonstrating technical and analytics capabilities

  • Experience in building/evaluating technologies in fields such as:AI/ML, Deeptech, Blockchain, Crypto, Cyber Security, Data Engineering, etc.

  • Technical knowledgeand applied experienceof database/programming languages and coding - you have already built things yourself

  • Curiosity to understand new, dynamic and fast-moving developments in technology, digital products andthe world of start-ups and venture capital

  • Past and ideally current exposure to and demonstrated interest in start-ups or venture investments

  • Sensitivity towards and motivation to working with early-stage entrepreneurs and companies

  • Ability to speak to entrepreneurs and VC partners eye-to-eye, especially on a technical level

  • Fluency in spoken and written English

  • Flexible, friendly, and positive can-do attitude


  • Working with an excellent, experienced and collaborative high-performance team of entrepreneurs and investors without hierarchies

  • Exposure to and analysing of the newest cutting-edge technologies that come across our table at a fast pace, together with the rest of the investment team and partners

  • Ability to learn and grow, and build your track record and career in the early-stage venture industry

  • Great autonomy and responsibility in tech-related analyses

  • Flexible working conditions, e.g. work from home, allowing for a healthy work-life balance

  • Exposure to internal investment reviews and discussions of 10x Founders

  • Attractive compensation

  • Intense, innovative, energetic, fair, and fun working environment that allows you to live and develop your personal and professional values and interests

We are keen to cultivate diversity within our team. Therefore we also encourage non-traditional candidates to apply.

Apply here via our website or via Email to [email protected]

Claudius Jablonka

Managing Partner