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Self Sovereign Identity Blockchain Developer relocation to Windhoek Namibia

Adaire Technology Services GmbH
$50k - $71k est.

This job is closed

Self Sovereign Identity/Blockchain Developer


  • Bring improvements to the platform by collaborating with designer to polish existing features.
  • Work closely with other engineers by challenging ideas, brainstorming, and having discussions.
  • Participate in design and code reviews.
  • Identify and communicate software engineering best practices.
  • Respond to user queries / requests / feedback and incorporate them.
  • Participate in user need-finding activities (like interviewing), team brainstorming and creative sessions. We want you to actively involve yourself early in product discovery.
  • Full responsibility for your components in a DevOps modality.


What you can offer:

  • Several years of relevant work experience (5+ years)
  • Knowledge of key concepts: W3C VerifiableCredential, DID Core, DIF, etc.
  • SSI Stack: Hyperledger Indy + Aries, IOTA identity
  • Sound knowledge of SemanticWeb and JSON-LD
  • Knowledge of cryptography and signature (DSA)
  • Blockchain like Indy, IOTA, BTC, DIF SideTree, IPFS, Ethereum
  • Classic PKI and certificate management (CA, X.509, etc.)
  • DIDComm - Message Delivery
  • OIDC, SIOP, DIDSiop, etc.
  • Wallet and VC and secret storage

Bonus Additional Skills (some combination):

  • 12 Factor Development ()
  • GIT, GitOps, GitFlow
  • Build and deploy with Tekton and ArgoCD
  • Containers + Kubernetes with ISTIO and Knative
  • BDD & testing with Cucumber & Gherkin
  • Spring Framework
  • Event control with CloudEvents
  • OpenTracing/OpenTelementry (W3C Trace context)
  • Documentation such as DocAsCode and AsciiDoc
  • Semantic Web with JSON-LD and
  • Security in general (IdM, JWT, ODIC/oAuth2), etc.

Who you are as a person

  • A passion for technology
  • An appetite to change the status quo
  • A desire for impact
  • You have customer-centricity at your core and understand the need to go above and beyond.
  • You don’t wait until somebody asks you for help. You regularly offer it upfront.
  • When somebody asks you for help, you gladly give it.
  • Before you start writing a line of code, you want to understand what problem it solves.
  • You don’t need anybody to hold your hand to get work done.
  • You’re not too proud to ask for help, but you’ll try to get un-stuck yourself first.
  • You are comfortable with ambiguity and can tolerate high-pressure environments.
  • You are a learning machine and spend your free time exploring ways to get better at something.
  • You want to have a sense of ownership of your own work and be held accountable.
  • You are a professional in all things and enjoy working in a team.
  • Any German language skills are a bonus.

You understands the value of diversity in the workplace and are dedicated to fostering an inclusive culture in all aspects of working life so that people from all backgrounds receive equal treatment, realize their full potential and can bring their full, authentic selves to work

If you have these experiences and are looking for a an exciting role within a nimble startup, get in touch today.