Head Of Marketing

Originally from Argentina and now living under the sunny skies of Los Angeles, I'm a bilingual Product and Growth Web3 Marketer with over a decade of experience in past-faced tech environments across Latin America and the United States.

Why Crypto?

Born in Argentina, I've experienced firsthand financial challenges like hyperinflation and terrible monetary policies that ruin people's lives. That is why I deeply appreciate the transformational change of cryptocurrencies and decentralized systems, in general, to empower people and create a more leveled playing field.

What I bring to the table:

• Startup Experience: Building foundational ‘first-time’ programs at tech companies, now specializing in Web3.
• Product Narratives: Creating distinctive product and brand narratives that stand out.
• Go-to-marketing Strategies: Develoing and executing plans to launch and scale products successfully.
• User Acquisition & Community Growth: Building and nurturing engaged user bases. Retention of attention is the hardest part, but also the most fulfilling if achieved.
• Multi-Channel Content Marketing: Crafting and distributing engaging content across various channels, online and 'in the field'.
• Strategic Partnerships: Establishing collaborations that boost growth. I learned that few things can boost more growth than the right partnerships.

Experience: 10 years

Yearly salary: $150,000

Hourly rate: $70

Nationality: 🇦🇷 Argentina

Residency: 🇺🇸 United States


Period Title Company
2021 - 2024 Head of Growth SUKU - Web3 Infrastructure
2020 - 2021 Head of Marketing BRANDLY - B2B Saas
2018 - 2020 Marketing Lead BRANDLY - B2B Saas
2015 - 2018 Product Marketing Manager VIGGOT - B2B Saas
2021 - 2021 Founder CRYPTO HISPANO - Web3 Education