Solidity Expert | Smart Contract Engineer & Auditor | Lending & Borrowing, Amm, Yield Aggregator | Nft Marketplace | Dao | Presale, Vesting, Staking, Reflection Token

Dear, sir
Hope you are doing well.

This is a senior smart contract engineer with 4 years of experience.
Through 4 years of smart contract development experience, I was able to achieve results in high security and optimized smart contract development.
From the overall mechanism design of the project, I have got abundant experience to lead the entire process of implementing smart contracts, writing test scripts, and deploying them to mainnet.
In particular, have the finesse of understanding complex DeFi protocols and writing optimization algorithms.

I have good experience with these protocols:
AAVE, Compound, Uniswap, Curve Finance, Yearn Finance, Multichain, Nouns DAO, Olympus DAO, Set protocol, Origin USD, Indexcoop, Convex Finance
Have deep understanding of lending, borrowing, staking, farming and amm algorithm (AMM algorithm of uniswap v2, v3 and curve finance's stablecoin AMM).
Especially, I am talented in creating optimization algorithms. Solving complicated math problems is also my hobby.

- forked, customized and deployed Aave protocol on Avalance mainnet. current deploy script what aave shared on github doesn't work for Avalance mainnet. I had to fix this issue.
- forked, customized and deployed Pancakeswap on Binance smart chain.
- AAVE, Compound, Uniswap, Curve Finance, SushiSwap: Using these, create a strategy contract to generate rewards
- Created reward strategy contract using aave flashloan
- Created staking and farming contracts using Masterchef workflow.
- Airdrop contracts using Merkle tree proof.
- Familiar with chainlink oracle
- Created bridge contracts using LayerZero standard protocol
- Like to use hardhat framework to build, test, deploy and verify smart contract
- Like to use tenderly platform to debug onchain transactions.

I hope to join a more challenging and innovative team and work with endless enthusiasm for new things.
If you are interested in my experience and skills, please contact me anytime.

I hope to listen to your ideas and share my thoughts.

Best regards
Yano Aki

Experience: 5 years

Yearly salary: $120,000

Hourly rate: $80

Nationality: 🇯🇵 Japan

Residency: 🇯🇵 Japan


Period Title Company
2020 - 2022 Lead blockchain engineer Casperpad
2018 - 2021 smart contract engineer Flan Tech
2021 - 2022 Lead blockchain engineer Bunzz
2013 - 2018 Web developer Track