Open Source Blockchain Contributor

I am one of the rare people that's been in the blockchain space for over a decade. I've worked as an anonymous open source pseudonym. Nick Szabo follows one of my aliases on Twitter. I was a managing W2 employee role at a startup that grew from ~20 to 120+ headcount. We were the the industry's first multichain exchange product with $1B+ of onchain volume before a Smart Contracts, DEXes, and DeFi had been implemented. We were some of the first developers running material volume through over 75+ blockchain clients like geth, parity, and bitcoin core. We pushed on non-custodial solutions and ran a hardware wallet company. We organized and launched what became ETHDenver. I fought to keep the original censorship-resistant EVM alive. I participated with other dectralists to position that network to become the largest PoW smart contract layer 1 chain. I've watched the entire blockchain space materialize around me from reading whitepapers alone in my room to over the top bull cycle VIP parties. From small Denver meetups to exotic trips like meeting cypherpunk Phil Zimmermann in Prague. I helped launch a small boutique centralized exchange and exited. I've deployed non-custodial decentralized Web3 protocols. I've lived off speculating the bitcoin markets. But most importantly, I've never stopped growing in this space.

The gift of blockchain is the exposure to learn new things from others due to the way this industry permeates through every facet of society. I've learned the importance of work/life balance. Health is wealth. And I have realized what my personal intentions are for the limited time I have on this planet. It's been quite an unexpected journey since 2014 when I deviated from a traditional accounting career. 

I hope to find more professional opportunities where my eagerness to learn, grow, and contribute can continue to shine in an industry looking to shake up the world for the better. Reach out, I'm a social person looking to add value at the confluence of freedom and computer software.

Stay blessed. Be free.

- freebird

Experience: 11 years

Yearly salary: $280,000

Hourly rate: $350

Nationality: 🇺🇸 United States

Residency: 🇺🇸 United States


Period Title Company
2015 - Open Source Contributor Ethereum Classic
2022 - Software Engineer FACTI0N
2021 - Network Farmer Chia Network
2019 - Executive Steward Ethereum Classic DAO
2016 - Emerging Technologist Ethereum
2013 - Orange Pilled in 2013 Bitcoin
2020 - 2023 Member Mandala Exchange
2017 - 2018 Finance Manager ShapeShift
2012 - 2014 Senior Auditor Clifton Gunderson LLP