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Ivan Ivanitskiy

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I am a Solidity Developer with over 8 years of experience in analytics, product management, coding, and sales engineering. Skilled in Solidity, Python, C++, and specializing in blockchain technology. Co-host of the popular Basic Block podcast, I'm dedicated to driving projects from the prototype stage to full-scale implementation. I’ve previously won competitions in the space for my work also such as 1st place at Decentralized Web Hackathon with SmartKek team (2019). Looking to leverage my skills in a challenging Web3 Developer role.

Employment History

  • PARSIQ - blockchain infrastructure company, building advanced Web3 APIs and SDKs for EVM-compatible chains; fulfilling roles such as Product Manager and Sales Engineer since September 2020:
    • Development. I built “smart triggers” (using the company-specific ParsiQL language) and “data lakes” (TypeScript) for >30 clients, also for workshops, demo videos, and documentation examples.
    • Product Management. I conducted customer development for the blockchain data indexing solution, shaping the product and discovering the niche. I ensured constant information exchange between the BD and the dev teams (feature requests, training, support).
    • Sales Engineering. I performed tech demos / tech sales for >100 B2B clients. Many of them resulted in sales, and I also onboarded and supported them. I trained and supported the BD team on the tech side of things.
    • Developer Relations. I ran >15 workshops for Web3 devs. I created code examples (ParsiQL, Typescript, Solidity) for documentation and demos. I created >10 demo videos.
    • Public Relations. I created articles and worked with the community after the KuCoin hack that resulted in PRQ token migration (the community was happy).
  • SmartDec - a reputable blockchain information security firm. I held a pivotal role as the Chief Analytics Officer in the Web3 department from June 2017 to July 2020:
    • Development. I worked on building smart contracts for a ZK-Rollup DEX PoC using Solidity and Truffle. This was at a time when ZK-DEXes or chains weren't really around yet.
    • Hackathons. I participated in Decentralized Web Hackathon with SmartKek team, we took 1st place.
    • Security Audits. I created a format of smart contract security audit report used by SmartDec (and copied by some competitors). I wrote >60 security audit reports. I performed >10 security audits.
    • Research. My colleagues and I conducted research on static security analysis of Ethereum smart contracts. We summarized its results in an article (565 citations) and presented it at ACM WETSEB ICSE 2018.
    • Writing and editing. I was SmartDec blog’s author and chief editor. My best article has >70k views in SmartDec blog, a bit less at habr.com (in Russian), also it has been repeatedly reposted by the media. Our researches’ texts with me as an editor had up to 10k views.
    • Public speaking. I attended >15 blockchain and Information Security conferences as a speaker. See some of my talks below.
  • SmartDec also had a presence in the Web2 information security space. I served as an Analyst in the Web2 department. Our key project was constructing a static code security analyzer SmartDec Scanner, now known as Solar appScreener. I held this role from June 2014 to June 2017:
    • Development. I single-handedly developed a tool for analyzing and visualizing electronic signals, from collecting requirements to testing and onboarding (C++, QT). I wrote a grammar for a name demangler for a decompilation tool.
    • Analytics. I worked on a SAST tool SmartDec Scanner as an analyst. I created vulnerability search rules for >5 programming languages.
    • Sales Engineering. I performed tech sales / demos for >80 international companies. I did light integrations for >10 of them. I managed SmartDec Scanner deep integration into the software development process in one of the top 10 Russian companies (retailer).
    • Teaching. Together with my colleagues, I created and conducted a course of lectures and seminars on Information Security and Static Code Analysis for the students of Lomonosov MSU, Department of Mechanics and Mathematics.
  • LaModa, Analyst, March 2014 - June 2014
  • ABBYY, Ontoobjects Marker, July 2013 - March 2014
  • INR RAS, Laboratory assistant, October 2012 - December 2013:
    • Particle Physics. I performed research for my thesis “On existence of the supersymmetric theories with anisotropic scaling” and proved the impossibility of existence of a specific subset of Particle Physics theories.


  • Tech skills:
    • Solidity, Python, C++, Git, Information Security, Code Audit
    • Familiar with: Typescript, Javascript, VSCode, Truffle, QT, SQL
    • Good understanding of Mathematics, and Theoretical Physics, experience in solving complex problems
  • Business skills:
    • Product Management, Sales Engineering, Public Speaking, Podcasting, Writing & Editing, Teaching

Other Web3 Experience

  • Podcasting. I am a co-host of the Basic Block podcast (“The best technical blockchain podcast in Russian”, according to many). Our guests include CEOs and CTOs of such companies as Chainlink, 1inch, Matter Labs, Zerion, etc.
  • Community building. At Basic Block, we've successfully cultivated a high-value Telegram community with >1,300 members. This group predominantly consists of developers and CTOs from renowned companies like Binance, Bitfury, 1inch, and Zerion. The discourse is substantive, respectful, and primarily focused on business, technical, and ideological discussions.
  • Evangelism. I taught a diverse audience how and why to use crypto, how to read smart contracts, what different crypto companies do, and how to follow security best practices. I did >70 podcast episodes, >15 public talks, >20 videos, >40 articles, >50 personal sessions.

Selected Publications and Talks

Research Publications

  1. SmartCheck: Static Analysis of Ethereum Smart Contracts (565 citations)


  1. You Do Not Need Blockchain: Eight Popular Use Cases And Why They Do Not Work (>70k views); the same article in Russian on Habr.com (>34k views)
  2. Trustless Off-chain ZK-proof Verification or How We Won Decentralized Web Hackathon
  3. Is Smart Contract a Security Threat?; the same article in Russian on Habr.com (>9k views)
  4. Blockchain Under the Hood: The Only Way to Adoption


  1. ETHDenver: Limitations of Smart Contracts
  2. PrivacyDay (in Russian): Privacy and Blockchain: Myths, Problems, and Misconceptions
  3. DeCenter Token Conf: Is Smart Contract a Security Threat?

Competition Achievements

  • 1st place at Decentralized Web Hackathon with SmartKek team (2019)
  • 2nd Place, Local IPSC Tournament, Standard Class - Pump-Action Shotgun (2018)
  • 1st Place, National Lomonosov Olympiad in Physics (2008)


  • Web2:
    • Yaroslav Alexandrov, former SmartDec Web2 Head of Product, Telegram: @yaleksar
  • Web3:
    • Alexander Seleznev, former SmartDec Web3 CBDO, Telegram: @msbenighted
    • Evgeny Marchenko, former SmartDec Web3 Team Lead, Telegram: @NotSoSmart


Lomonosov Moscow State University, Chair of Particle Physics and Cosmology, graduated with honors in December 2013.

Experience: 6 years

Yearly salary: $50,000

Hourly rate: $30

Nationality: 🌏 Remote

Residency: 🇬🇪 Georgia


Period Title Company
2014 - 2017 Analyst SmartDec
2014 - 2014 Analyst LaModa
2020 - 2023 Product Manager / Sales Engineer PARSIQ
2017 - 2020 Chief Analytics Officer SmartDec