Studying Master In Blockchain, Metaverse And Nf Ts

I am in active search  a new jobs mainly in technology Web3, specifically  in Blockhain, i hope find a jobs that i help me improve my knowledge in blockchain.
I have a much experience in business such as, retail, consulting, oil&gas,  airlines and mining.

I am available to talk about salary, I can start as a junior and with immediate availability.
For me is very important improve my technical knowledge an my english.

You can find my profile en linkedin :

Computer Engineer specialized in IT Project Management and Digital Transformation with over 20 years of experience in information technology, supporting businesses in sectors such as Retail, Mining, Industry, Transportation, Consulting, and Energy.

Key Roles: Area Manager, Technological Project Manager, Agile Team Leader, Business Intelligence and Big Data Consultant.

Functions: Leadership in the development and implementation of software projects and technological platforms such as Google Cloud Platform, Tableau, Power BI, Oracle, SAP, applying agile methodologies and digital transformation approaches. Needs assessment, project lifecycle management, and support in the adoption and implementation of cloud solutions and data analysis. Proposal definition, evaluation, and management of vendor contracts, along with collaboration in corporate business strategies.

Extensive knowledge in strategy and construction of data-based environments and business processes, both in functional terms and technical architecture, with a strong focus on results. Expanding expertise in emerging technologies such as Metaverse, Blockchain, and NFTs through a concurrent Master's program. Additionally, self-education through courses such as ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers, Generative Artificial Intelligence MOOC for content creators, Professional Skills, and Digital Change Management.

Strengths: Commitment to objectives, analytical prowess, leadership, collaborative work, communication skills, critical thinking, organization, creativity, flexibility, and resilience.

Experience: No experience

Yearly salary: $80,000

Hourly rate: $50

Nationality: 🇨🇱 Chile

Residency: 🇨🇱 Chile


Period Title Company
2017 - 2021 Sub Manager Business Intelligence Falabella
2015 - 2016 Technology Manager Everis
2011 - 2015 Manager Information Management Deloitte
2016 - 2017 Independent Consulto Independent


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