Director, Growth Marketing

Hi there, I'm a Marketing/Community Builder Ninja.
I help create raving fans who come back for more.


1. One full year advising Web 3 companies to market & monetize quicly (clients include a seed stage, disruptive NFT venture; a private crypto educational training company; a Series A biotech DAO, among others).  I’m a Certified Bitcoin Professional, Certified DAO Expert, and Certified NFT Expert. I also run an off chain DAO where I teach Web 3 fundamentals to women. I get the Web 3 ecosystem and have the chops to help you thrive.


2. I’ve built successful marketing pipelines with raving fans for the last 12 years, generating millions in revenue. I’ve also taught these effective methods to my client business owners who on average increase profits by 25% and reduce workload by 15%.


3. I’ve developed, marketed, sold and delivered 50+ programs, events, workshops, webinars, and lives, both online and in person. Profitable use of all industry tools (funnels, analytics, A/B testing, email marketing, social media, ads, public speaking).

***Clients stick around on average for THREE YEARS***

If you're still reading ;-) here’s a more colorful description of my background:

**Entrepreneurial Adventures

I am an Ivy League graduate who - wait for it - got a job as a chimney sweep after graduating because I wanted to get my hands dirty, and within 2 years opened up 3 offices in 3 states.  I then moved onto:

=> Cofounder/helped raise Series A/B for an ecommerce Web 1 venture  - successful exit.  

=> Founder/CEO of successful Web 2 company. Marketed/sold millions in revenue.  

**My sweet spots include: 

I can help a company grow rapidly from the ground floor updeveloping marketing strategies, crafting sales pitches (& closing deals), forging strategic partnerships, and building the dream from basically nothing. 

I can schmooze a C Suite, align with a dev team to solve problems, write killer copy, or figure out new ways to play with partners that blow the door off results. 

**Empowerment Coach

As entrepreneurs we must be smart and driven, but also likeable and good communicators. As a licensed counselor, certified yoga teacher, and a seasoned women’s empowerment coach, I help people thrive and shine. Perhaps, more importantly, I also help them navigate the tough stuff – the conflicts, disappointments and surprises that inevitably arise along the entrepreneurial journey.

I look forward to discussing further if it feels like a fit.

Thank you!

Linda Albright





Experience: 11 years

Yearly salary: $150,000

Hourly rate: $150

Nationality: 🇺🇸 United States

Residency: 🇺🇸 United States


Period Title Company
2021 - Growth Marketer Web 3 Results
2010 - 2021 Founder Women's Wealth Revolution
2002 - 2005 Manager Business Development Digital Arts & Sciences