Senior Golang Engineer

  • Blockchain Open Platform
    • Responsible for system design and interface development of multiple core microservice modules, including transaction orders, asset management, and blockchain interaction. Successfully supported millions of on-chain asset transactions, and through optimizing system design and interface performance, achieved a 99.99% order success rate, providing users with a stable and reliable trading environment.
    • Performed end-to-end idempotent transformation of the business order system, ensuring consistency in distributed systems. Reduced customer complaints and external integration costs, improving system reliability and stability, and delivering a better collaboration experience for the business team and partners.
    • Implemented a multi-dimensional priority trading system for the transaction system by leveraging Kafka message queue, Redis cache, and other middleware. Reduced transaction latency and congestion, enhancing user experience with blockchain and driving revenue growth for the business team.
  • Blockchain Data Platform
    • Optimized the logic of scanning blocks forward after service restart on the blockchain data platform. Designed a checkpoint mechanism to reduce the number of blocks scanned during application startup. Implemented range-based batch detection to improve scanning performance, ensuring data consistency and system robustness.
    • Enhanced query capabilities by optimizing query interfaces. Expanded multidimensional query interfaces for NFTs while maintaining compatibility with the Ethereum native interface. Utilized Redis as a caching layer, resulting in a 20% reduction in interface response time and a 30% increase in query per second (QPS).
    • Provided near real-time scarcity query capabilities by designing contract-level scarcity snapshot functionality. Reduced the need for frequent full-scale computations, resulting in lower memory usage.
  • Smart Contract Engineering Platform
    • Performed engineering transformation of smart contracts, enabling independent version control. Integrated CI pipeline for automated testing and generation of Go code. Supported version control, deployment, and upgrades of upgradable contracts.
    • Implemented sharding transformation for smart contracts with issuance exceeding a million, reducing blockchain processing pressure while increasing business concurrency and revenue.
    • Revamped the ERC721 protocol by adding exchange functionality, facilitating digital collectible transactions for large-scale offline events, with a transaction volume exceeding one hundred thousand.
  • Damn-Vulnerable-Defi
    • Completed V3 of CTF challenge, authored write-up articles, and published them on Medium, Xlog, and here is GitHub:
    • Reproduced security issues based on the Foundry framework, demonstrating proficiency in utilizing the Foundry testing framework and maintaining a GitHub repository:

Experience: 2 years

Yearly salary: $90,000

Hourly rate: $50

Nationality: 🇨🇳 China

Residency: 🇨🇳 China


Period Title Company
2022 - Golang Developer Bilibili