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Current customers:

  • Slot 2 - Solidity Bootcamp (light green banner)

Previus customers:

  • Slot 1 (Feb 2023 - June 2023) - RareSkills Advanced Solidity Training
  • Slot 2 (May 2023 - July 2023) - Venom Network Hackathon
  • Slot 4 - RareSkills Zero Knowledge Bootcamp (purple blue banner)

There are only 3 slots left:

  • Slot 1 - In the top (✅ available)
  • Slot 2 - Job position #4 (❌ taken)
  • Slot 3 - Job position #8 (✅ available)
  • Slot 4 - Job position #12 (✅ available)

Every slot is shown on the frontpage and every other tag page. The only difference is the location of the slot.

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Advertising on Web3 Jobs was a game-changer for us!

Web3 Jobs brought in a steady stream of highly qualified student applications.

February cohort perform 35% better than the January cohort of our solidity bootcamp.

We highly recommend Web3 Jobs.

Harsha Abegunasekara
CEO and Co-Founder at Metana

Hired some of our best developers

Web3 Jobs has been one of our go-to platforms for finding the best talent in the web3 world.

We have found really great candidates and have hired some of our best developers through there.

We also appreciate their great customer service.

Maya Zuckerman
Head of TechOps and People at

Top-quality candidates

Posting on Web3 Jobs brought in top-quality candidates, from really strong individual contributors to leadership positions.

Dasha Nikolov
Talent & People Lead at
Nomic Foundation

Web3 Jobs helped us to find the right candidate!

Web3 Jobs helped us to find the right candidate! Great customer service and experience!

Nuria Gutierrez
Head of People & Operations at Quasar

High qualified candidates!

Excellent job platform to find high qualified candidates in Web3 industry!

Natalija Tribò
HR Manager at Finfin Play AG

High quality candidates!

Web3 Jobs helps Aldrin connect with high quality candidates with a particular interest for the Web3/Crypto space, like no other platform has.

Carmel Coultan
Head of Human Resources at Aldrin

Quality is much better than elsewhere!
We have been getting great applicants through Web3 Jobs. The best by far.

Blake Moore
Marketing Lead at

We’ve tried everything, but ultimately found and hired an amazing engineer via Web3 Jobs

There’s massive demand for high quality engineers in Web3 right now which has made hiring extremely tough.

It wasn’t just luck either, every candidate that came through Web3 Jobs was high quality, interested in crypto, and had taken the time to understand our business as well. Pretty much every Web3 company should be using it

Co-founder of Metadrop

We got a great response!

Jereme Holiman
VP, People at Shardeum

I found a job in Web3 with just one click!

Web3 Jobs helped me navigate the rising blockchain market and find myself a position that resonated with my own personal ambitions!

Lenilson, Full Stack Developer

Hired by Parity Technologies

Web3 Jobs was very useful when I was looking for a new gig. I found it quite easy to navigate comparing to other job search websites. It was actually my main job site when I was looking. I ended up accepting an offer from Parity Technologies, which I found through Web3 Jobs.

Daria, Senior Software Engineer

Web3 Jobs is invaluable for anyone looking to get into this field

I've been thinking about getting involved with Web3 for some time but needed a starting point for my search, which Web3 Jobs was perfect for!

Max, Full Stack Engineer