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Who we are

Metadrop is a new platform for NFT drops that eliminates gas wars, creates more equitable launches, and helps projects capture more value so they can deliver amazing products to their communities. We work with teams building for the long-term and help them launch their projects and expand their communities through thoughtfully designed and unique sale mechanisms on our platform.

Ultimately, we are looking to push the NFT space forward with a strong focus on community but also with the intention to expand the space by helping projects and companies outside of crypto realize the potential of NFTs.

If you are passionate about NFTs and believe in their power to change everything from art, gaming, culture, and ultimately ownership as whole, then we’d love for you to join us.

This role


To be a good designer you must understand your audience. Crypto is truly its own world, and to be a successful designer in this space you need to understand it deeply and ideally be a part of it. We will help you with this – just being on the team will expose you to a number of crypto veterans who can distill years of learnings in the space into a short amount of time. All you need is the desire and openness to learn.

UI/UX Design

80% of this role will be working closely with the engineering team to design the user experience and interfaces for Metadrop.

This will involve taking product ideas or specs through rounds of ideation and wireframes, user testing, and finally producing finished products for the the engineering team to implement.

This also includes designing data visualizations that help users understand complex concepts on the web and in presentations.

Design Direction

This role is truly a design leadership position and you will have the autonomy to reform not only our design direction, but our design process as well. You should have worked with design teams before, even better if you have experience leading a design team.

Branding & Identity

Occasionally we launch new products that need their own identity. You should be able to take an idea for a new product and create several logo/brand identity concepts, refine them based on feedback, and produce a polished finished product.

We’re always looking for ways to improve the Metadrop brand and are open to new logo and brand identity design, especially as the product evolves and the older brand identity no longer fits.

Deck Design

You should be able to take a barebones slide deck and design something using either our brand identity or the brand identity of a client to explain what we do and how we can help in a clear and thoughtful way.


Illustration skills are not required for this role but are definitely a bonus! Occasionally we need to produce custom graphics for explainer pages, presentations, logos, etc.

Who we’re looking for

  • You care deeply about the user’s experience above all else. Every decision you make is with the goal of simplifying the user’s experience and making their life easier.

  • You have the confidence to be bold with your work. We’re not interested in traditional boring designs here. You are a design leader and will help define the visual direction of our product and brand.

  • You have a portfolio you’re proud of that reflects your best work.

  • You’re an expert at Figma or similar design software.

  • You can turn a product spec into UI wireframes, concept mockups, and finally polished final designs while working with the engineering team and beta users to integrate feedback.

  • You know the basics of how the web works, what design elements are easy or difficult to implement in HTML/CSS. You’ve worked with technical teams before and are comfortable discussing UI/UX patterns with them.

  • You are –or would like to become– familiar with the communities and users in the crypto world and strive to create designs that resonate. You love being at the forefront of design and aesthetic in web3.

  • You have experience conducting user interviews and user studies before and are comfortable with leading the process of talking to users, collecting their feedback, and integrating that feedback into future iterations.

  • You are able to design user experiences that delight users with the minimal UI interactions required for users to accomplish tasks, provide helpful and easy to understand UI feedback to users for success, pending, and failure states, etc.

  • You can think through different states that a product –like a web app– could be in and design for those scenarios. You can predict what users are most likely to be confused by or places users are mostly likely to get stuck and preemptively design around them.

  • You have experience creating design systems.

  • You have an eye for the finer details – you are bothered by work that's missing its finishing touches.

  • You can provide artistic guidance to Metadrop as well as any NFT projects that work with us.

  • You thrive on constant feedback and constructive critique.

  • You enjoy working working with a friendly, respectful, distributed remote team across the world.

Bonus, but not required

  • You are already familiar with the crypto space or are interested in diving in headfirst.

  • You have experience with animation or 3D modeling.

  • You have digital illustration skills and can create logos and other visual assets for web pages, presentations, etc.

  • You have experience writing code or markup, especially HTML, CSS, or Javascript (React, Vue, etc.).

What it’s like to work with us

  • We’re 100% remote and we care only about output, not about input

  • You’ll have autonomy and will be the design expert that the rest of the team looks to as the leader on all things design-related

  • Generous equity and comp package and an environment where you are highly valued

  • 100% health & dental benefits with an amazing $0 deductible plan (US citizens living in the US)

  • You’ll have a ton of fun with a group of great people, but will work hard because we’re all 100% committed to building something amazing