Community And Partnership Management

 Hello! My name is Aaly Malik but in the web3 realm, I'm known as SleepyG! I'm a 25-year-old finance and technology major that has always had a super keen eye for innovative and disruptive technology alongside having a strong knack of being a problem solver. I joined the web 3 space back in 2017, when I came across blockchain and cryptocurrencies. I jumped into solidity developing to know the backend of Ethereum and the functionality of smart contracts. Upon significant progress, I joined a small group of progressive individuals to mass educate the local community about the web 3 space. This crew also helped me gain my first work experience in the space with several projects where we developed contracts, formed their whitepapers, handled their marketing strategies, and created alot of content.... and I mean a lot! I joined the NFT space in 2021 after the discovery of Axie Infinity! I started researching and learning heavily into the space. Since then it's been a great journey so far and I currently find myself working as a partnership manager, web 2 onboarding strategist, community manager and a general enthusiast paving my journey alongside super talented and brilliant minds. (Projects I'm currently affiliated or have been in the past are: Broskees, NFT ALPHA PK, Page One Studios, Olympus & OnchainTV) https://twitter.com/BroskeesNFTs (Worked with Broskees since July 2022, was part of the strategic onboarding for web 2 companies to web3, moderation and collab manager for web3 based projects) https://twitter.com/NFTAlphaPK (Moderation & Collaborations for web3 projects since June 2022) https://twitter.com/OnChainTV (Collaborations for web3 projects since November 2022) I’ve accumulated over 400 collaborations with different projects in the space over 2 years, I've managed to work and connect with some of the best projects in the space including Godjira, Doodles, Memeland, and the Ape community. I’ve also managed development for discord communities that I have collectively managed to grow to over 50k members collectively with events, active interactions and different strategies to attract and keep users active. I have also managed their twitter profiles for projects with over 100k followers collectively with content creation, improved impressions and interactions that have successfully helped to portray the brands value to its consumers. I would love to join hands with you and work towards making the community a living embodiment of the projects vision and ambitions 

Experience: 3 years

Yearly salary: $12,000

Hourly rate: $15

Nationality: 🇵🇰 Pakistan


Period Title Company
2023 - 2023 financial analysis & ed-tech solutions consultancy cornerstones school
2022 - 2023 financial analysis & ed-tech solutions consultancy winway systems and scholastics
2021 - collaborations & community management olympus
2021 - 2023 collaborations & community management onchain tv
2022 - 2023 social media design & content development, collaborations & community management broskees web 3 agency
2022 - 2023 social media design & content development, collaborations & community management yarmedia
2022 - 2023 financial analysis & strategy consultant aava consultancy
2019 - 2020 co-instructor for blockchain training & content developer president’s initiative for artificial intelligence and computing
2019 - 2022 accounting, management & technology instructor cyberia global assessments
2017 - 2017 social media design & content developer good deals inc.
2016 - 2017 service design & technology content junior developer emotive labs
2016 - student affairs & parent communications management; substitute instructor for high school science, math, business, technology & design subjects.
2015 - 2017 school administration officer & substitute steam teacher washington international school