Web3 Based Game Developer

Are you searching for a highly skilled and motivated Web3-Based Game Developer to join your team? Look no further! With a proven track record of 2 years in the gaming industry, I bring a wealth of expertise in smart contract integration, Unity game development, and Metamask connection to deliver exceptional and innovative gaming experiences.

Key Skills and Achievements:

  1. Smart Contract Integration: I have hands-on experience in integrating smart contracts into gaming applications, enabling secure and decentralized interactions between players. My proficiency in deploying and managing smart contracts on various blockchain networks ensures seamless in-game transactions and fosters trust among players.
  2. Unity Game Development: My passion lies in crafting captivating games using Unity. I have honed my skills in designing engaging user interfaces, implementing smooth gameplay mechanics, and optimizing performance to create unforgettable gaming experiences.
  3. Metamask Connection: User accessibility is crucial in Web3 gaming, and I have successfully integrated Metamask into gaming projects, facilitating effortless blockchain interactions for players. This seamless integration ensures a frictionless user experience in decentralized gaming environments.
  4. Collaborative and Agile: As a team player, I thrive in collaborative environments, actively contributing creative ideas and solutions. My adaptability and agile approach enable me to iterate quickly on designs and features, ensuring timely project delivery without compromising quality.


Experience: 2 years

Yearly salary: $75,000

Hourly rate: $70

Nationality: 🇵🇰 Pakistan

Residency: 🇵🇰 Pakistan


Period Title Company
2022 - Metamelon