I'm currently exploring new ideas related to blockchain and NFTs as a full-time web3 person aiming to revolutionize the way we function as citizens of a tech2-driven world. I am a hardcore gamer with over 10 years of experience in PlayStation gaming and have recently gained months of experience in P2E games, video editing, and streaming. I have created thriving global communities in the web3 space and have the ability to function well in fast-paced environments. 

 • Building strong communities and advising on community management
 • High-profile connections with web3 projects and team members such as BAYC, PROOF, Azuki, Clone X, Art Block, Kongs and many more...
 • Highly rated Alpha caller and OG Alpha analyst in the web3 space
 • Creating activities around the project with streams and games to entertain members
 • Knowledgeable in Discord and its features (Active Discord Developer)
 • Highly adaptive and solution-oriented
 • I tend to communicate directly and honestly with others, without sugar-coating or beating around the bush.
 • I feel reasonably confident in myself and my abilities.
 • Having worked on multiple projects concurrently, I developed great time management abilities 

 • Administration
 • Community Management • Head Moderator
 • Moderation
 • Streamer
 • Event Management
 • Game Master 

 COO and Founding Team, Krew Studios
 • Ensuring the strategic moves to push the project forward, rebranding the discord server, and deciding things that go through the community council
 • Contributing to the successful housing of Mask world, Pastel world and Slugga NFTs with the experienced creative team that specializes in developing infrastructure for projects within our ecosystem 

Moderator, Retro Hunters
 • Moderating within an innovative web3-enabled gaming company built for gamers and web3 enthusiasts seeking the power of in-game asset ownership 

• Contributing to the successful collaborations with other potential NFT projects and investors, answering questions within the community, handling tickets and welcoming new members 

Community Manager, Webaverse
 • Managed a global web3 community of creatives to unite and encourage gamers
 • Recognized as the best moderator on their Twitter space with over 1k listeners
 • Contributed to the successful selling out of a 20k collection around 0.25 – 0.5 eth auction 

Community Manager, Alpacadabraz
 • Moderated and prevented all possible FUD within the NFT project heavily invested in metaverse land, enterprises, and games
 • Contributed to the successful partnership with Sand Box, Tuschay Studios and recognition by Gary Vee and Pranksy 

Moderator, Atama
 • Moderated within a group of Anime PFP fanatics with the drive to shake up the NFT space in a positive way
 • Contributed to the successful recognition of Atama's outstanding art 

Discord Streamer, Slimy
 • Streamed 3 hours daily on the discord server and gained over 10 viewers constantly • Contributed to the community's aim to grab a whitelist spot for the popular drop 

Community Manager/Alpha Caller, Alphazilla
 • Managed a global web3 community of active collectors, traders and degens • Generated over 100 eth profits for the community within 3 months of my calls 

 I had stuck with projects through thick and thin, gave my all during the worst periods of the market, through all FUD, and through all pain. Some of my strengths include the ability to be relentless, really good at solving difficult problems and a perplexing amount of passion. I’m a super quick learner, I have the ability to understand people very quickly, I have amazing community building skills, I take full responsibility for all my actions and I know during my off hours, everything I do will reflect on the project, that’s why I’m objective to all discussions. Above all I’m transparent about everything I do. With this, every strength has a weakness. One of my weaknesses is; being emotional (due to my passion for the project). 

Experience: 2 years

Yearly salary: $100,000

Hourly rate: $400

Nationality: 🇬🇧 United Kingdom

Residency: 🇬🇧 United Kingdom


Period Title Company