Growth Marketer & Business Developer

As I’m a goal driven individual, I’ll lay out some key aspects about myself:


- Son of an IT engineer, I fell in love with computers and technology when I was 5. Luckily, I’ve always had a knack for reasoning and been a fast learner, so school was never much of a challenge.

- I left my home country, Portugal, by myself when I was 18 to pursue a double degree in Marketing and Business Development. I also worked to pay for my studies by freelancing through digital marketing simultaneously.

- I enjoy practicing sports, listening to music and doing breathwork/meditation daily. The saying "Healthy Body, Healthy Mind" seems to work perfectly for me.


- Got into crypto back in 2018 while working at Telefónica, where I first started attending conferences and lectures on blockchain and smart contracts

- Began investing that same year and trading two years later, after delving into the DeFi world - haven’t stopped ever since. Spot & Futures trading in DEXs, (Liquid) Staking, Yield Farming, etc.

- I’m deeply involved in the blockchain world, finding myself reading news, researching new projects and innovations, and participating in crypto communities on a daily basis.


- Determined, Goal-driven & Ownership Mindset - When I believe in something, I pursue it until I achieve my goals and take ownership of the income/consequences.

- Skilled in evolving conditions and multitasking - I've always been accustomed to juggling studies and/or various projects simultaneously, allowing me to adapt swiftly to fast-paced working environments.

- Out-of-the-box thinker - I like to take an out-of-the-box approach to marketing and I believe the crypto/blockchain ecosystem is the perfect environment for innovation and disruption

- Good at understanding people behavior - I believe this was what got me into marketing. Consumers are people. Markets are made of people. I’ve always had an eye to understand people’s needs and behavior, enabling me to identify new opportunities and market trends early on. This allowed me to open two now self-sufficient successful businesses and fuels my desire to continue working, despite not truly needing to do so.

- This is not so much a trait, but I have a huge passion for blockchain technology and how it can change our world. As mentioned earlier, I do not need to work since my two businesses provide enough for me to live on. I just keep seeing huge potential in blockchain technology, DeFi, and Web3, and how they can affect our world by empowering people. It’s also my ambition to help build that bridge between blockchain, a seemingly complex technological concept, and everyday people, who are the new consumers of tomorrow.

Experience: 8 years

Yearly salary: $80,000

Hourly rate: $50

Nationality: 🇵🇹 Portugal

Residency: 🇵🇹 Portugal


Period Title Company
2018 - 2018 Internship in Product Partnership & Innovation Telefónica
2018 - 2020 ISV Recruitment & Management Microsoft
2020 - 2022 Marketing Specialist FTX
2018 - Growth Marketer & Business Developer Freelance