Project Manager | Technology Project Coordinator

Hey there! I am Excited to explore opportunities in the Web3 space!

With over five years of 3D Animation and Vfx industry experience, I bring a wealth of expertise to the role of Project Coordinator.

In my current position, I've honed my project management skills by successfully overseeing the production of numerous projects, collaborating with diverse teams of artists and engineers to ensure on-time deliveries. I excel in crafting production schedules and transparently communicating project progress to stakeholders, all while identifying and mitigating potential risks

Furthermore, my technical abilities in 3D animation and VFX sets me apart. I initially began my career as a technical artist. This unique background enables me to bridge the gap between creative artists and technical teams, solving complex challenges and ensuring top-tier project outcomes.

My journey doesn't stop here—I'm now on the path of becoming a successful Professional Project Manager and I have completed Google certification in Project Management to further enhance my skills and expertise.

I am known for my exceptional organizational abilities and keen eye for detail, I thrive under pressure and excel in prioritizing tasks. My leadership skills have allowed me to effectively manage and inspire my team.

Ready to contribute my passion and skills to your Web3 projects. Let's connect and explore how we can shape the future of this exciting industry together. I am very interested in blockchain gaming industry. 

Let’s connect soon :)

Experience: 1 year

Yearly salary: $90,000

Hourly rate: $35

Nationality: 🇮🇳 India

Residency: 🇮🇳 India


Period Title Company
2018 - 2019 Technical Artist Xentrix Studio
2019 - 2020 Pipeline Technical Director Legend3D
2020 - 2022 Technical Artist RnD Technicolor Studios
2022 - 2023 Technical Coordinator EightyEighty Pictures