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Anil B.S 

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Ø  24 years  in   Enterprise IT Product Development  covering  AI (OpenAI),Blockchain Tokenization  and  Data Analytics.

Ø  Presently working with content team who are building Education videos  using  AI like Runaway, Eleven Labs and Triniti  to  help team produce  video  content .CapCut is  being tried  to  post edit  and  quality check  videos .

Ø  Presales experience  in US  and  Europe  having  worked  with  C level executives. 

Ø  Life Sciences  and  Financial Verticals  domain Knowledge.

Ø  I have a   US Patent in  Blockchain /MDM  in Life Sciences  :Patent Number: US 2014/0324916.

 US20140324916A1 - Method and apparatus for database - Google Patents

Ø  Have  a  Global   Blockchain  patent in Asset  Securitization


Ø  Open Banking ( and  PCI7  integration  experience.

Ø  Deep Technical Expertise  in ChatGPT  apis  on embeddings  , vector  DB Milvus, prompt  identification  and  usage in Microservices  , automated  Swift  formats  parsing using  ChatGPT  apis.

Ø  Having  very exposure   to  EDI   standards  in supply chain and  trading like  EDI 300 series  ,  EDI   series  related   to  shipments  and  SWIFT  700   series. 

Ø  I  have  been  Involved  in creating  UML models , BPMN  Models  , API and  Microservices  design  as  part of  HLD  and  LLD   documents.

Ø  Devops  Automation, Version deployment  and release  automation, Kubernetes  Cluster  setup  and  management.






Relevant Work History


Asset Tokens Ltd(  Consulting Company in India  with UK and  US  customers)

Date: Sept 20  -  till date  

Role : Product  Architect /Developer Consultant  (  Page  design, Page flow  design , information  Architecture, UML  modelling , BPMN vertical flow  modelling ) 

Product  1:  As  a  consultant  working with a  Education group  to create  AI based  Videos  that delivers  Education content  . This  Groups works  with  Vidya  Bharati and  Govt of  India Skill India inititiave.

AI  ChatGPT   consultant . Helping in setting up  Education Videos  setup that could be used  to train  students  in  rural areas  . The  organization is  associated  with  Skill India .

As  a  consultant working on a   Education platform  that  uses  AI  language  model  to  convert text to speech  on videos  delivering  education content 

Product 2 :  

A  Due  Diligence Platform for  Biotech and Life  Sciences/Healthcare  investors  .

Technology  Stack:  ChatGPT  based  Online platforms, OpenAPI, Hyperledger Fabric .

AI  Tools:  OpenAPI , AI tools like Runaway, Eleven Labs and Triniti  to  help team produce  video  content .CapCut is  being tried  to  post edit  and  quality check  videos .

Languages : Golang,  Java .

UI : React 

Deployment : Kubernetes Engine cluster on  Google Cloud 

Security : TLS   enabled  


Intain  Inc  (  Feb 2018  -  August  2020) 

Designation : CTO   

Summary  :   Was   involved   in  asset   securitization project  ( launched  Globally with customers  like  WSFS a wilmington based   Trustee Bank ) .  

Helped   in training /mentoring  Chennai  team( of  25  engineers ) by hiring  from colleges  like  SKES  (Coimbatore )  . Wrote  the framework  using   Java  /Golang chaincodes  /Rest   services .

Trained  the team  to  have  expertise  on Golang  Chaincode , Java  client  apis  , Kubernetes   Yaml  and  Google  Vision  apis  using  Google SDK   to  develop  the  Asset securitization product .

Architected  the   product  and  worked  with   first  set of  customers  .


Euan Technologies LLP /Euan Trading  India Pvt Ltd  

(Tech  Advisor  on Board) 

Duration: June 2012 – Till  Feb 2018  .

Technology :  Java  /J2ee  on AWS/ Google cloud  

Blockchain :  Hyperledger  Fabric /Etherium  (  from  2016  onwards )

Handled  multiple  assignments   in US  covering clinical trails/healthcare  and   IOT  projects  for  companies  in Bay  Area  ,  Philadelphia, Florida  and  New York .  

Projects  that   were  compatible  with   CDISC  Bridg  Domain Model  .

Handled  Global customer  Engagements  in New  York through  events  like  DIA , and  handled   customers  like  BMS , Allergan, Merck, Eli Lilly  etc. 

Participated  as  Technology  speaker  in New  York Biotech  and other events.


Aris  Global-Technical  Architect  (oct 2010- July  2012  )

 Arisg Product Suite: I   had  worked  in the  Aris Global   specialist  team as a   Technical  Specialist  to   improve the  Architecture  of  its  Product Suite.I was  involved  in  product Road Map, Architectural Bottlenecks, performance  and scalability issues  and  Architectural  solutions  for  moving the product  to a  Service /message Oriented  Architecture.

Technology:  Jsf  , Oracle  ,  JMS  ( Oracle  JMS/Java Stored  procedure) , SAP BO, Oracle  OLAP , Apache Ant /Maven  Build system ,Software Paradigms UML tool for UML Modelling.


March 2010 to August 2010- Worked as  Architect Consultant  to IPAccess Cambridge UK.

Product: The  product was a Network management system that use  Messaging and  ESB tools  to integrate a  Embedded  software  system with a  Java Swing/J2ee  system.I was  involved  as  part   of  a US based company  ServoTech Inc  in a  UK   based  role  working  on  Customers  who was  into NMS  product development  with J2ee/MySQL combination/Linux/Maven,Enterprise  Architect Tool.

I was  also part of  the  Non Functional  specialist  team  focussed  on the  MYSQL DB  layers  for  perfromance  Enhancement.

Technology: J2ee/MySQL .


Jindal  Steel  Plant  -Feb 2009 to March2010 – Consultant  Tech  Architect India  Based Role (

I  worked  in JSW a  IT  group  company  for  Jindal  Group  of  Companies  as a  Consultant  Architect  in new  software  development  and  fine-tuning  DB structure  and Build environments. 

Technology:Oracle , J2ee , maven Build. 


 Ciber  Inc  -Nov 2007 to Feb 2009  -  US /Germany Role (

Worked   for  a  Company as  IT Architect   in the  role of  DB performance , messaging Architecture  .I had  worked  on multiple  projects for Stanford University and a  German Start-up Company  based out Stuttgart.


June  2007  - Till  Nov 2007  - Architect  at Bearing Point  

Products: PALS  Life Cycle  Administration integrated  many Insurance products  like  Docucorp, Guidewire etc  and  provided  Insurance Policy Planners a  system to create  more Insurance Product Offerings . 

Technology:  Biztalk 2008, 


GTNexus India Pvt Ltd  --June  2005  - Nov2007  - India  and  US  roles  (

At GTnexus  I  was  involved  in  growing their   Bangalore  Team  for  enhancing their product  Architecture  and  design. Our team developed  the core  Booking  and  Shipment  module  and led  this product to stability and  maintenance mode. 

Technology: J2ee , Apache Axis2 Webservices , JMS ,SQL Server., weblogic server, SSRS .

4L IT Services  Pvt Ltd  --Consultant  Tech  Lead  ---Feb 2005  -  May 2005  (Decathlon  Centre in India /France)  

I  worked  on Decathlon  internal products  …

Maranti Networks -Oct 2004 -  Jan 2005  ( Bay Area/Palo Alto /Belmont/Redwood City  US) 

I  was  involved  in J2ee  /MQ Series  for their  US Bay Area centre.


E-Spark  Consulting  --Jan 2004  -  August  2004  (  Consultant  to   CocoNet.De  at Dusseldorf ,Germany ) 

Worked  as a  Developer   for  their  SAAS  products  on J2ee  /Oracle . 


Logica CMG  -  Contract Role  -June  2003  -  Jan 2004  ( Consultant Developer   on J2ee  to Logica India/UK  ) 

Worked  as  a  consultant  to Company House  Project  that was on Struts  /J2ee .  


Advice America  -  Contract Architect ---April 2002  -  May  2003  (  Technical  Architect  at Advice  America Inc )

Worked  on VB/sql server  SAAS  product  before  Advice  America.

Kesdee India Pvt Ltd -  Project Leader  ---July 2001 -  April 2002  

Worked  in E-learning  SAAS  product  for Kesdee Inc  , a  San Diago  based  product  company . . 

May 2000 -  july 2001  (ZenserTech  and Sequel Solutions Inc) 

Worked  for  two Failed  start-up  , one  of  which i had   co-founded  .  The  products  were  on trade  finance , Mark to market  and  Portfolia  algorithms  .  The  products   failed  due  to    lack  of traction  in India  and  problems  in closing  sales. 

1998  Nov -  May 2000  (Amsoft  India  Pvt Ltd  )

A  software  service  company  promoted  by level 3  corporation of  US  .  I  worked  on many  Power  Builder   to   web  conversion projects  


Education : B.E (IP)  From BMS  Engineering College (1987 -91).

Visas :Have a  valid  B1  visa till  2028 ..



Experience: 11 years

Yearly salary: $55,000

Hourly rate: $25

Nationality: 🇮🇳 India

Residency: 🇮🇳 India


Period Title Company
2020 - 2022 Product Architect Sathvik Inag Inc
2018 - 2020 CTO Intain Inc