Senior Backend Engineer

Driving unprecedented success through unwavering dedication and a commitment to excellence. Seeking opportunities in Project Management, Blockchain, and Integration within esteemed organizations, aspiring to lead and fuel organizational growth.

Professional Summary:
- Innovative technology leader with 18 years expertise in Solution & Technical Architecture in Web, Mobile, Blockchain, and Integration.

- Led diverse global teams of 25 professionals, excelling in roles, experience, and skill sets. Adept at Vendor team management.

- Strong problem-solving and decisive decision-making skills drive effective solutions, ensuring high customer satisfaction and low operational costs.

- Proficient in Blockchain technology, encompassing Ethereum smart contract development (Solidity & Web3), Hyper ledger Fabric chain code development (Go), and Tendermint (Cosmos SDK).

- Deep understanding of workflow automation with Temporal and Nats.

- Extensive expertise in workflow automation with Temporal and Nats.

- Key role as Agile Team Lead, expertise in applying Agile principles and practices to projects, leading teams through Agile processes, delivering high-quality deliverables that add value to the organization. 

Experience: 7 years

Yearly salary: $80,000

Hourly rate: $55

Nationality: 🇮🇳 India

Residency: 🇮🇳 India


Period Title Company
2005 - 2007 SE Classic Info
2007 - 2008 SSE Mosaic ITES
2008 - 2010 SE Impetus
2010 - 2019 TL kadmine
2019 - 2020 Full Stack Developer/GIS Cuantafy
2020 - 2021 Full Stack Deve Vishwa
2021 - 2023 Block Chain Developer Skuchain
2021 - 2023 Block Chain Developer Skuchain