Full Stack Developer

· Windows server 2012, Email Exchange server, Web server (IIS, APACHE, NGINX), Database (MSSQL, MYSQL, ORACLE)
· networking skills Good understanding of OSI Model, TCP/IP protocol suite (IP, ARP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, SMTP, FTP, TFTP)
  • Firewall setup for (Sophos, pfsense, cisco asa5505.)
  • Well versed in VMware platform (Exsi 6.0)
  • PABX system for phone operation(Siemens)
  • IP CAMERAS with Nvr system (Dahuasecurity)
  • Setting AP (access points), switches, and router. (Cisco, Dlink, Net gear)
  • Veeam backup for VMware virtual server in cloud and in NAS.
  • Active Directory, DHCP and other client configuration for easy access.
  • Advanced: Photoshop, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP with Apache MySQL.
  • Creating ecommerce web site and crm application and online service application.
  • Website building and hosting (Cloud panel, cPanel, IIS)
  • Network patch panel installation and cabin setting with power supply with ups
  • Manageable Network switch installation with poe configuration
  • Virtual server with VMware exsi 6.0
  • Virtual configuration with windows server, Linux, webservers. 

Professional Experience 

 | Star sewing Machine Trading pvt Ltd UAE ,DUBAI | Dec 2010 - Feb 2018
It Technical Skills
  • Firewall setup for (Sophos, pfsense, cisco asa5505.)
Nat with firewall system.
Vpn with l2tp/IPsec, pptp, open vpn,
Url filtering.
App id filtering.
Port filtering.
Port forwarding.
  • VMware platform (Exsi 6.0)
Maintaining all type of servers in exsi 
Virtual firewall systems
Account software’s and Database (MSSQL, MYSQL, ORACLE)
Windows server 2012, Nas servers, webserver and cloud systems.
Veeam backup server for daily backups. 
  • Setting AP (access points), switches, and router
Router firmware updating
Configuration of router for port forwarding.
Vlan setups in switch.
  • Door access system
New installation of door access system.
Configuration with user and admin account.
  • Web Hosting and Domain registration
Website building.
CMS website configuration with database.
Pointing host ip with domain name.
Port forwarding with router.
DYDNS system configuration
  • Security ip cameras.
Installation of ip cameras with poe switch.
Camera layout with patch panel installation.
CAT 6 Cable installation and port forwarding ip cameras for outside access.
  • Computer assembling and maintenance.
  • Troubleshooting hardware and software problems.
  • Installing and configuring the peripherals, components and drivers
  • Installing software and application to user standards
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills in complex software and hardware problems
  • Installed Hard disks, Floppy drives, CD Drives, Sound Blaster cards, CPU, Memory, Power supply unit, Network card, Video graphics card, Hard disk controller card on PC systems
  • Troubleshooting of personal computers. On line Support to customers concerning their computer problems
  • Expertise hands in troubleshooting of Computer hardware related problems such like UPS, SMPS, Printer and Drivers.
  • Managing and Maintaining the Servers, PCs, Routers and Switches.
  • Configuring, Managing and Maintaining Networking equipment’s.
  • Network processing, centralized and distributive network connection
  • Installing, configuring and administering network technologies
  • Installed and configured workstations for IP/IPX based LAN
  • Installed and configured DHCP Client/Server
  • Programming Language: Php, JavaScript, Html, Ajax, and Css with back end of MySQL.
  • Firewall setup for (Sophos, pfsense, cisco asa5505.)
Updating firmware for firewall
  • Well versed in VMware platform (Exsi 6.0)
Fashion & Technical textile (Lectra systems for Aviation).

  • Setting up new network layout design and Lectra software installation and training for production. 
  • Knowledge in pattern making in knitted garments, woven garments and well versed in lectra software systems.
  • Expertise in Lectra software’s (Modaris expert, Diamino expert, Optiplan, Digitizer, Alys plotter, Vigiprint, Justprint, Dc2d, Dc3d, Formaris, Kaledo style, knit, print, weave)
  • Main 3d modeling for all type of engineering drawings and well versed in cutting room planning, fabrics like Knitting Designs, Fabric Engineering up to cam setting and needle order for all multitrack designs. 
  • Knowledge in Programming for Yarn Requirement, Garment Costing for all types of garments. 
  • Creating 3d proto type sample for 2d system (Dc2d, Dc3d for aeronautical and wind mill blades)
  • Carpet and Composite fabric consumption calculated for Airbus and Boeing for cutting.
Airbus A380, Boeing777, Airbus A330, Airbus A340, Boeing 727.
  • Knowledge in Ngv cutting system up to installation and service methods.
IT Projects done for Aviation
  • Emirates airline. (Network layout design for lectra system.)
  • Strata Manufacturing PJSC CR. (network layout for lectra and server system who Manufacturer of Airbus and Boeing flight Components)

I'm looking for a great, enthusiastic team to work for that will provide me with challenging ,interesting work that i can learn from and contribute to i'd like to contribute more to the health and educational space and educational space but that is not a must.

Experience: 10 years

Yearly salary: $10,000

Hourly rate: $10

Nationality: 🇮🇳 India

Residency: 🇮🇳 India


Period Title Company
2010 - 2023 Solution specialist lectra
2010 - 2023 Solution specialist lectra