Web3 Community Manager

Unleashing the power of community with the finesse of a maestro, I am a Community Manager like no other. A Crypto Alchemist, I blend the art of engagement and the science of collaboration to craft transformative experiences within the dynamic realm of web 3 projects. Guided by my unwavering belief in the decentralized future, I have nurtured communities and amplified their voices, igniting a revolution fueled by the passion of its members.

Since 2019, I have donned the hat of a Crypto Investor, delving deep into the intricacies of blockchain technologies and harnessing their potential for exponential growth. Armed with a keen eye for emerging trends and a knack for identifying promising opportunities, I have traversed the ever-shifting landscape of crypto markets, alchemizing investments into tangible results.

As a Web 3 Pathfinder, I navigate uncharted territories, driven by an insatiable curiosity and a hunger for innovation. With each step, I unravel new possibilities, embracing cutting-edge technologies and propelling communities towards a future where decentralized systems reshape the way we interact, collaborate, and create value.

Key Skills and Expertise:

  • Community Engagement: Proven track record of fostering vibrant and engaged communities through proactive communication, relationship-building, and creative initiatives.
  • Social Media Management: Proficient in leveraging various social media platforms to drive community growth, increase brand awareness, and facilitate meaningful conversations.
  • Content Creation: Skilled in crafting compelling written content
  • Event Coordination: Experienced in organizing and managing virtual events, meetups, AMAs (Ask Me Anything), and hackathons to foster community interaction and knowledge sharing.
  • Problem Solving: Thrive in fast-paced, decentralized environments where adaptability and resourcefulness are crucial to overcoming challenges.
  • Collaboration: Excel in cross-functional teams, working closely with developers, designers, marketers, and stakeholders to ensure alignment and deliver exceptional community experiences.
  • Crypto Investing: Proficient in navigating the crypto landscape since 2019, with a strong understanding of market trends, fundamental analysis, and risk management strategies.

With my adeptness in community management, I orchestrate vibrant ecosystems where relationships flourish and ideas come to life. Through adept social media sorcery and captivating content curation, I weave narratives that captivate and inspire, fueling engagement and fostering meaningful connections.

In the realm of event coordination, I am a maestro who orchestrates virtual gatherings, meetups, and AMAs with finesse. I create immersive experiences that transcend the boundaries of screens, forging authentic connections and driving knowledge exchange. Drawing from my cross-functional collaboration skills, I unite diverse stakeholders, nurturing an inclusive environment that breeds innovation and drives collective success.

While my journey in the crypto space has been rich, my thirst for knowledge remains unquenchable. Eager to delve deeper into emerging technologies and explore uncharted territories, I continuously seek opportunities to expand my expertise and shape the ever-evolving landscape.

As I bring my unique blend of community management prowess, alchemical investment insights, and an unwavering commitment to innovation to your project, together we can forge a future where communities thrive and decentralized technologies unlock boundless possibilities.

Let's connect and explore how my unparalleled blend of skills, community management prowess, and crypto investment acumen can elevate your web 3 project. Together, we shall trailblaze new frontiers, redefine possibilities, and leave an indelible mark on the decentralized world.

Experience: 1 year

Yearly salary: $15,000

Hourly rate: $15

Nationality: 🇮🇩 Indonesia

Residency: 🇮🇩 Indonesia


Period Title Company
2021 - 2022 Community Manager
2021 - 2021 Community Manager Diamond