Web3 Marketer & Ui/Ux Designer

Hey there! My name is Aydan and I am a web3 UI/UX designer & marketer. I have been working with web3 startups and projects for almost 2 years and I am eager to take the next steps in my career.


- Figma
- Adobe XD
- Wireframing
- User Research
- User Stories & Journey Mapping
- Market Analysis
- Microsoft Office Applications
- Technical Writing
- Wix Website Creation
- Cross-Functional Workspace Tools (Slack, Notion, Discord, Jira, & Asana)
- Twitter Marketing
- Discord Server Creation & Management
- Communication Skills
- Presentation Skills

Project Overviews (view the full case at aydanarroyo.com):

DJ Buddy - A web3 app concept design for DJs. I created this design using a problem-solving design approach that focused on user research & competitive analysis. In a nutshell, the DJ Buddy app provides solutions to common pain points that DJs experience. Its all-in-one user interface allows users to mint their music tracks as music NFTs, prep the audio tracks, connect to live performance hardware via their mobile phones, and share their music with each other all within the app.

AthleteX - A decentralized exchange for Athlete Performance Tokens. This was the first project that I worked on as a UI/UX designer. This experience was extremely interesting, for we were building a unique application that infused DeFi and sports betting in a way that has never been attempted before. We identified our end-user as a DeFi native who is enthusiastic about sports betting. Using existing DEX user interfaces as an inspirational starting point, I was able to combine these insights with several rounds of user testing with the SX Network community to create the prototypes for both desktop & mobile app views. The AthleteX development team is currently bringing the app to life based on the design blueprints I provided them with.

5th Dimension - My favorite NFT project that I have worked with. As the head of UX & Marketing efforts, I helped the project scale from 0 to over 3,000 REAL followers on Twitter and 1,200+ members in their Discord within a few months using a very limited budget. I also designed their website for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices, and worked very closely with the development team to ensure a successful launch of the site. The project minted out in less than two minutes, and their community is still strong regardless of the current NFT market downturn that we are experiencing.

I am eager to work with a team of like-minded individuals who I can learn from and grow with. Feel free to contact me via email at [email protected]

Experience: 2 years

Yearly salary: $80,000

Hourly rate: $60

Nationality: 🇺🇸 United States

Residency: 🇺🇸 United States


Period Title Company
2021 - 2020 Creative Director AthleteX
2020 - 2020 Freelance Web3 UI/UX Designer & Marketer 5th Dimension