Business Development

Seasoned crypto investor since 2018, drawn to the transformative potential of decentralized, open blockchain networks. Early exposure to Ethereum and altcoins fueled a passion for DEFI, RWA and tokenomics design to pursue as my professional carrer.

Served as Business Development Representative at Aestus Consulting LLC, a consultancy company focused on business planning, project development for EU funds, and financial advisory services.  

Provided leadership and strategic direction as Consulting Sales Manager at Aestus Financial Advisory LLC. Managed sales teams focused on acquiring new accounting clients. Worked closely with accounting and dev teams to prioritize new features for the Parra accounting software that was built on Microsoft Azure.

Enterprise grade professional journey began conducting in-depth market analysis and identifying process improvements as Business Analyst at Aestus Financial Advisory LLC. This analytical foundation allows insightful evaluation of crypto projects and disruptive technologies.

Complemented hands-on experience with formal education, including an Online Degree in Blockchain from Blockchain Council, certificate for Designing Tokenomics from Udemy, certificate for Sales Training from Udemy, and Professional Diploma in CRM Platforms Management.

Eager to bring multifaceted expertise in crypto, EU funding, consulting, sales management, and business operations to a web3 company. Positioned to strategically guide product and growth initiatives based on investment experience, blockchain education, and proven business leadership.

Experience: 4 years

Yearly salary: $40,000

Hourly rate: $25

Nationality: 🌏 Remote

Residency: 🇭🇷 Croatia


Period Title Company
2010 - 2016 Restaurant Manager Sotto Vento, Tijat
2016 - 2020 Civil Engineer AKA TIM LLC
2020 - 2020 Business Analyst Aestus Financial Advisory LLC
2020 - 2022 Consulting Sales Manager Aestus Financial Advisory LLC
2022 - 2023 Business Development Representative Aestus Consulting LLC


office manager