Web3 Backend Engineer Intern

To whom it may concern:

My name is Cai Yi-Wen, who is consistently self-motivated, and extremely communicative and organized person. To improve myself, I’m good at discovering resources and being a go-getter. I’m convinced that people learn together can go further, so I’ve joined 5 study groups (including NCKU Google Developer Student Clubs, NCKU Blockchain Club) and been the leader of two of them. These three years since majored in CS, I have always been fascinated in the selfness discussion among works. We share our thoughts to each other for only one reason, makes each other work better. That is also one of why I host the study groups and advance my communication skills to treasure the beauty of that.

Practical skills cannot be emphasized more than school grades to me, who loves challenges and never give up creativity and curiosity. Therefore, I have participated in the NASA Hackson and innovative entrepreneur competition. Considering project experiences is the first thing, I have done the NCKU Bike Festival webisite, SeatBelt-On NFT, and other lab project backend. During all these projects, I learn more quickly and acquire good problem-solving skills. I’m so enthusiastic about brainstorming, define the problem, break difficulties into pieces and solve them one by one, and finally the works would well-function, which is suffering but happy.

I'm a self-driven and motivated computer science student who is enthusiastic about software development. Currently, study hard to improve myself at back-end development, NLP & blockchain technology and applications. Aiming to use my knowledge acquired from my courses and self-work to satisfy my work and willing to learn more from it.

Thanks for your reading.


Yi-Wen, Cai

Experiece: 6 months

Yearly salary: $80,000

Hourly rate: $200

Nationality: 🇹🇼 Taiwan

Residency: 🇹🇼 Taiwan


Period Title Company
2020 - 2022 Research Study Assistant Academia Sinica
2021 - 2023 Project Intern Advanced Network Database Lab (NCKU Netdb Lab)
2022 - 2023 NLP Lead NCKU Google Development Student Club
2021 - 2022 Product Planning Specialist AInimal