Marketing Guru

Brandon Garska

616-635-6566 | Grand Rapids, MI 49505 | [email protected]


Passionate professional with a strong interest in web3, gaming, and marketing. Driven by an enthusiastic attitude, leadership skills, and a desire to fuel marketing and growth. Thrives on finding opportunities to learn and grow within a dynamic team. Seeks a fulfilling role at a company where enjoyment and personal development go hand in hand. 

Work Experience

Inventory Control Analyst

Hutchinson Antivibration, October 2020 - Present

  • Handle inbound and outbound shipping and receiving, ensuring accurate accounting of automotive parts.
  • Verify inventory through manual, verbal, and data analytic software (Infor) methods.
  • Track material flow from various locations and vendors, resolving discrepancies and facilitating communication between facilities.
  • Conduct in-depth investigations by tracking employee IDs for inventory-related issues.

Team Leader

Hutchinson Antivibration, October 2020 - Present

  • Perform AM setup duties, including organizing gloves and paperwork, analyzing parts needed for each machine, and labeling flow.
  • Ensure operators adhere to PPE safety protocols and sign off on production and scrap reports.
  • Possess comprehensive knowledge of assigned machines and oversee inventory management (HILO).
  • Communicate production issues to quality control and maintain an organized and efficient work environment.
  • Generate reports on machine performance and efficiency (OEE).

Marketing Director/Sales/Administration

Grand Rapids Tech, January 2020 - August 2020

  • Executed marketing and social media marketing initiatives to enhance brand visibility.
  • Assisted with sales activities and invoicing, ensuring efficient customer retention.
  • Provided general administrative support, including answering phone calls and managing emails.
  • Assisted with SEO, and SEO local listings, helped expand growth and develop a foundation.
  • Conducted inbound/outbound sales and achieved over $30,000 in recovered profits through successful client retention.

Team Lead/Forklift Operator/Injection Mold/Picker

The Materials Group, April 2018 - January 2020

  • Conducted quality control assessments and lab testing to maintain product integrity.
  • Facilitated logistic communication and operated forklift for shipping and receiving operations.
  • Managed outgoing emails, pick tickets, work orders, and inventory tracking.
  • Ensured coworkers met daily tasks and duties while promoting a collaborative work environment.

Direct Sales Representative

Vivint Smart Home, May 2015 - October 2017

  • Interacted with an average of 25-50 customers per day, effectively addressing inquiries and overcoming objections.
  • Trained new team members on job fundamentals, contributing to their success.
  • Closed 3-5 year contracts, demonstrating proficiency in the sales cycle.
  • Conducted credit qualifying and employed various sales techniques.


Grand Rapids Community College

Plastics & Polymers (2019/-)

Rockford High School

Graduated 2006

Skills and Expertise

  • Social media marketing and community building
  • Defi industry knowledge and experience
  • Networking and establishing valuable connections
  • Twitter and Facebook management for community growth
  • Moderate proficiency in Figma, Illustrator, and Photoshop for creative work
  • Setting up and managing Telegram communities
  • SEO optimization and Google Analytics proficiency
  • Content creation aligned with company vision
  • Inbound/outbound sales and client retention
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to learn quickly

The above listed are designed towards fields applied for and not limited. If I am sending this resume I genuinely have interest in a role at your organization and would love to hear more. 

Supervision, analytics, direct sales, and production are all equally important to me as I feel they help make a well rounded professional.


                                      -  References available upon request

Experience: 5 years

Yearly salary: $100,000

Hourly rate: $50

Nationality: 🇺🇸 United States

Residency: 🇺🇸 United States


Period Title Company
2015 - Marketing Director Freelance