Junior Web3 Developer

As a developer with a passion for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, Iā€™m looking for a web3 job as a developer. Ideally I would like to work on smart contract development but fullstack web development also interresting me.

Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to work on various backend development projects, especially in the field of blockchain and decentralised technologies. I have solid experience in backend development using programming languages especially JS and TS using Node.js, as well as in API creation.

I have worked on projects using EVM blockchains and have a good understanding of smart contracts. I have a good understanding of relational and non-relational databases, as well as distributed database. I also have experience of creating CI/CD pipelines, which I was able to experiment with during my two years of work experience.

I have also worked on front-end technology particularely with React and Nextjs. Iā€™m very confident with components vision of a front-end application and single-page web3 application using ethersJS or wagmi library.

I'm a fast learner especially in web3 ecosystem and like to improve myself every day, I'm an excellent communicator and I like working in a team.

It is with great enthusiasm that I searching a first job in this incredible ecosystem, Iā€™m very motivated.

Please do not hesitate to contact me by telephone or email to arrange an interview. I am available at your convenience.

Experience: 2 years

Yearly salary: $0

Hourly rate: $0

Nationality: šŸ‡«šŸ‡· France

Residency: šŸ‡«šŸ‡· France


Period Title Company
2020 - 2022 Apprentice Developer/Manager Assistant Worldline