Architect In Web3 Business Solutions

The journey starts from a young age, the son of entrepreneurs, I always had management lessons. with my self-taught roots growing with time, the saga began, in finding a purpose that could put my name in the book of the great entrepreneurs in the history of the country. Of course, we are talking about a dream of a child who mirrored his father and mother. With this perception, my parents put me and all possible courses related to computing and maintenance and its derivatives, over time the opportunity to participate in startups arrived at the school. ,with a total of 4 participations in different years, which was essential to actually start creating skill.

And as time went by, I started a higher education course in administration at a private college (Unesc) and with the entrance exam process, I transferred to the federal (Unir), and there I had contact with athletics, and the academic department, after-school, and with the intrigue of creating a startup, with a colleague in college I started the project for a cell phone with photovoltaic plates, but for the wrong team it didn't go ahead, and in that I went up the scale until I got to the laboratory, which are the finishing materials, and create a startup with another colleague, make t-shirts, increasing the range of management practices in general.

In 2018, I started Fitcash together with other eccentric young people, who saw a gap in the market, and the focus was total on bitcoin, as it is today. but we carried out a macro and micro economic study, and other surveys. being a big part of my responsibility, being a full time team member, but with all these requirements, I carried out worldwide campaigns, with brokers reaching 117 countries, exploring the maximum of agile management, learning and putting into practice without wasting time, we can't forget that Fitcash is running, considering I went through all phases of @fitcash, until becoming CEO.

Like in the Stanford talk Steve Jobs said:
"Our life is full of point, which always has a connection."

Tiago Ferreira Cavazin.

Experience: 3 years

Yearly salary: $200,000

Hourly rate: $200

Nationality: 🇧🇷 Brazil

Residency: 🇧🇷 Brazil


Period Title Company
2018 - 2022 CEO FITCASH-FTH