Product Manager

1. Cloud signaling product line
• Business line background: Responsible for the 0-1 functional architecture planning, operation and design iteration of the cloud signaling product line in the B-side Paas layer cloud service, as well as the function optimization of the communication product line.
• Product line planning: Cooperate with the company's strategic planning to determine the business model of the product line, formulate long-term and short-term product development goals, implement the MVP function, and be responsible for product business indicators.
• Work effect: Independently responsible for the design of signaling products, which has improved the docking efficiency of users by 15% and the success rate of 65%; responsible for the analysis and forward-looking research of competing products in related industries, and led the pre-research of new products
function, establish a new charging model, and increase the quadratic curve traffic by 5% for the platform; explore new scenarios of overseas device message linkage and overseas SMS, and complete a transaction turnover of 158,000 yuan.
• Requirements analysis: serve 2000+ customers who use cloud signaling products, dig out the core pain points of users' business, sort out user journey maps, complete product requirements documents and manuals, and iterate
10+ times of product functions, leading the implementation of general-purpose B-end capabilities, increasing the stickiness of old customers by 14.6%.
• Project execution: track and monitor product operation effects, coordinate and lead the completion of business sorting, demand review, resource coordination from the perspective of PCDA, and complete the acceptance of 20+ projects.
2. Product Operation
• User growth: serve 5,000+ customer resources, accumulate customer operation LTC processes, build online channels for customer connection, and increase the efficiency of first-time customer response by 120%.
The one-time payment rate has increased by 7.4%, reducing the labor cost of operating personnel by 5%, increasing the renewal rate of first-time users on the platform by 3.67%, initially realizing private domain operations, and improving customer portraits.
• Channel expansion: Complete the combination of sales channel capacity building and platform operation system capacity, and increase the renewal rate of platform customers by 16.5%. Responsible for internal resource integration, publicity and training, output 8
One industry solution; publish 30+ public account articles, with a reading volume of about 350-500 people/article, and increase the consultation flow of public accounts by 34%.
• Data analysis: Summarize and split abnormal data, and propose solutions in a targeted manner, use the MVP function to verify the effectiveness of the means, and close-loop precipitation into a standardized operation plan.

Experience: 2 years

Yearly salary: $35,000

Hourly rate: $70

Nationality: 🇨🇳 China

Residency: 🇨🇳 China


Period Title Company
2022 - 2023 Product Manager 海康威视数字科技有限公司