Sales Manager

Hello, I'm Ciprian, a passionate strategist dedicated to driving innovation and growth. As the Sales Manager at Blockchain Customs Technology, I've played a pivotal role in shaping and executing the company's global commercial strategy. I've successfully built and led the commercial department, fostering strategic partnerships and managing high-value client projects.

My professional journey includes achieving exceptional results as the Operations Manager of Activize, where I not only surpassed project expectations by 700%, but also contributed to the growth of tech startups through in-house product development. As the National Director of Operations at AIESEC Argentina, I led the organization through challenging times, stabilizing operations and diversifying income streams.

My commitment to excellence extends beyond the professional realm. I thrive on challenges, embodying values of resilience and adaptability. My skills encompass team management, data analysis, strategic planning, and crisis management, reflecting my dedication to creating positive impact in dynamic environments.

Beyond the world of business, I hold a deep appreciation for languages. I am fluent in Romanian, English, and Spanish. My academic background includes a BBA in Business Administration from the Faculty of Business - UBB, complemented by a major in Mathematics and Information Technology from the National Gheorghe Lazar College.

Outside of work, you'll find me exploring my interests in blockchain technology and AI, fields where I've garnered expertise. I'm also driven by a love for mentoring and consulting, nurturing tech startups towards success. Eager to contribute with my strategic acumen and diverse skill set to future ventures, I am ready to embrace new challenges and make a meaningful impact.

Experience: 6 years

Yearly salary: $60,000

Hourly rate: $30

Nationality: 🇷🇴 Romania

Residency: 🇷🇴 Romania


Period Title Company
2021 - Sales Manager Blockchain Customs Technology
2020 - 2021 Operations Manager Activize
2019 - 2020 National Director of Operations AIESEC Argentina
2018 - 2019 Business Development Manager AIESEC Romania