3 years of blockchain business director and community experience (2 projects and 1 integrated company).  Rich experience in hosting activities, lots of investment institutions, projects, Kol, and media resources.  CET-6.

  • crypto industry resources
  • campaign management 
  • public speaking
  • PPT + Photoshop
1. Crypto-native: immersed in the crypto culture and have a good understanding of crypto projects
2. Docking all kinds of resources to support the project, such as raising funds, business cooperation, promotion, and customer reception
3. Active users on Twitter space and Wechat, and the resources I have could allow me to make a project have a good attention
4. Built and managed the community for a crypto / web3 project, so I could Work closely with the product  and the operator team
5. Rich experience with Telegram, Twitter, and the ambassador program.
6.  Accept frequent business travel

  • Business Manager、public relations
  • work from home
  • 25K/month
  • within a week
2021.3-2022.10           Dante Network
Business director

Dante Network is a middleware to empower multiple ecosystems to interoperate and interconnect in web3.

Main duties

1. help to raise funds for the project, and communicate with the investment industry in China and overseas.
2. Develop commercial and strategic relations with crypto-native enterprises: Find and work closely with blockchains, crypto projects, and other web3 companies to turn them into long-term partnerships.
3. Plan kinds of conferences on/offline, and as the host arranges activities invite guests;  when there are some major events to research and liaise with conference organizers for speaking slots and partnerships;  Community relationship building with other meetup organizers.
4. Assist operating partment in marketing and events strategies.
5. Collect KOLs to make reserves for follow-up marketing.

There is a deep relationship between the Dante Network with Chengdu Wuji Chain Technology Co., Ltd, Most of the Dante Network team members are from Chengdu Wuji Chain Technology Co., Ltd, and so do I.

You know China already banned crypto mining, It’s cracked down our business,  so we turn to develop a project named Dante Network.

2020.6-2021.3    Chengdu Wuji Chain Technology Co., Ltd  Business director, and Community manager

Chengdu Wuji Chain is a senior cryptocurrency mining company, a token fund, and an infrastructure service provider that supports classic staking services for most of the mainstream public chains and compliant liquid staking services.

Main duties

1. Look for good projects for token funds and contact to facilitate investment.
2. Help our company to incubate after investing in projects, support them with media resources and set up communities.
3. Collaborate with key customers to support our node service, and make some events to attract more users.
4. Creation and management of community growth and engagement plans & activities (such as contests, competitions, giveaways, and more!).
5. Management of community surveys, feedback, and improvement plans, answer questions and address the concerns of community members. Monitoring community engagement to provide recommendations on marketing, social media, and customer support optimization.
6. Exhibiting Global Mining Leaders Summit on behalf of the company, and receiving visitors.

2019.10-2020.6                   MASSNET
Community Manager

The MASS Network is powered by Proof of Capacity. The MASS Consensus Engine for all blockchains. The MASS consensus engine aims to become the basic infrastructure for all blockchain consensus layers. Based on a Proof-of-Capacity consensus protocol, the MASS consensus engine creates a consensus layer that is permissionless, fair, energy efficient, secure, and universal, ensuring the fundamental security of the public chain.

Main duties

1. Reach out to projects and key thought leaders to collaborate with them.
2. Organizing MASS's content marketing efforts on the Wechat official account. Work closely with the product team to transform product features into compelling marketing social content,  promote our product & services on social media and track and report results and performance.
3. Hosting community AMAs, to share more about the MASS. Monitor and report on audience feedback and engagement

You could find my full CV through the link, including some activity posters I’d joined before on Twitter space.

Experience: 3 years

Yearly salary: $25,000

Hourly rate: $330


Period Title Company
2021 - 2022 Budiness director Dante Network
2020 - 2021 Budiness director and Community manager Chengdu Wuji Chain Technology Co., Ltd
2019 - 2020 Cummunity manager MASSNET