Senior Information Technology

Daniel Frank McMullan
Born April 6th, 1965
(860) 351-7373
Lakeville, CT


1978 - Daily access to Digital UNIX PDP-11 Main Frame (my parents taught at a prep school - Lakeville, CT). Super fortunate.
Self-taught the classics: UNIX OS, C, Pascal, FORTRAN, COBOL, Assembly, and others.

1979 - Sold my first program at age 14. Tracking golf tournaments and handicaps.
Created video games for friends to play. A Space Invader knockoff and games of my own creation.
Created a 3D Random Maze Generator Program on a TRS-80 Color Computer.
Created a Peek and Poke graphic compiler for Apple IIe.
Helped a teacher, Harriet Morrell, develop a student manual for the Digital UNIX PDP-11.

1984 - Sold a Borland Pascal Program, on early PC, for cataloging a private book collection.
Various personal computer software projects (fantasy baseball based on 100 years of baseball stats).

1987 - Helped run a 2-line BBS, a carpet warehouse, and head baker at Bread & Co., cleaned a tavern Newark DE.
Professional musician. Record Labels "Insect" and "NTS" toured with bands "Batz without Flesh" and "Zen Guerrilla" out of Newark, DE. Engineered Records. Marketing. Bookings.

1990 - Built a retrograde chess database system.

1992 - Wrote code for SRL - Survival Research Labs, San Francisco, CA for their "Small Arm" ditchdigger control system.

1993 - Transitioned a Book Designer, Creative Education, Mankato, MN, from traditional pasteboard to Quark and Photoshop. I manually adjusted the kerning and letting for 60+ books.

LAKEVILLE INTERNET, LLC - Owner, li.com (ISP), web-based software - age 29

1994 - With Linux, started Lakeville Internet - a dialup ISP in my basement.

1995 - Moved to Main Street Lakeville, CT. The li.com domain name was acquired for free (7/26/1995).
Public Lecture explaining the Internet at local high school (Salisbury, CT). Packed gymnasium.
1000+ dial-up customers, 100+ web clients many of whom relied on my company's web-based software.
UUNET customer #0000032, a T1 - dedicated twisted pair from Boston (CT did not have infrastructure at the time), supplied ESPN remote office with T1 service that was 3 towns away.
I grew my company to 17 employees; opened a learning center "Point & Click", developed an apprenticeship for programming and computer repair, and a 6-seat tech support call center for the ISP.

Harney Tea (Salisbury, CT) - inventories, developed web-to-catalog efficiencies, call center integration, one-click shopping cart - long before Amazon ! One of the very first retail websites online.
Harney Real Estate (Salisbury, CT) - developed MLS system - long before MLS was "a thing", contract systems, agent scheduling (re-sold products to 4 other local real estate companies).
Skip Barber Racing School (Salisbury, CT) - supplied early multi-line dial-up network, public facing websites, internet marketing pre-google, inventory software.
Lime Rock Park (Lime Rock, CT) - Inventory, shopping cart. pioneered real-time A/B testing on event days.
The Voice (Winsted, CT) - early online newspaper - covering NorthWest corner towns of CT.

ONE-OFF CONTRACTS: Combe, Inc - the Just for Men hair care products division (White Plains, NY); Bresnan Communications (UP Michigan), Rip Torn (actor).

Linux Community and directly Reported bugs/fixes with Linus Torvalds.
Mosaic transition to Netscape directly with Marc Andreessen.
Corresponded with and became friends with Marvin Minsky for just a few months.
Personal friend of Sidney X. Shore.
Used to take regular walks with Vint Lawrence.
Personal Dinner Guest of Eartha Kitt.

2001 - End of ISP
1st ISP to grow dial-up to every local exchange in CT, but could not compete with state-wide SNET telephone services; sold off ISP, continued with web-based software as Small Fish Technologies, LLC.
Skip Barber Racing School hired me full-time, one of my oldest clients, to rebuild their scheduling system. They allowed me to support my web clients from my Skip Barber office. $73k Salary.

SMALL FISH TECHNOLOGIES, LLC - Owner, web-based software

2005 - I sold the domain name li.com for $23k !!!
Contracted custom programming projects with the State of Vermont Byway Office, Vermont Business Magazine, several real estate companies and a dozen other smaller clients.

Invented and developed several software products. None of which made any impact:

2006 - seeVote - a fraud-free voting system. w/ Matching Public ledgers - precursor to block chain majority-rule concepts.
The seeVote Story (with a well-written critique by the famous Dylan Hirsch-Shell)

2009 - CaptchaTheDog - an image-based CAPTCHA - (lost domain: captchaTheDog . com)
This unique solution is my acceptance of Dr. Turing's "The Turing Test" truism.
Article: https://www.cnet.com/culture/another-image-based-captcha-method/

2011 - myPassWorld - a passwordless login system w/ an increasing strength mechanism based on unique biometric identification. real-time machine learning/teaching mechanisms. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saPeNqxhi34

2012 - li.com domain was sold by the person I sold it to. They sold the domain for $500,000 to its current owner. Oh darn.


2013 (november) - Silk Road - Dark Web Analysis - I built a data-combing tool for post-Silk Road forum data
I performed Technical help for the family and defense lawyers of Ross Ulbricht (encryption, TOR, bitcoin, communitions, website).
I did technical work for Lynn Ulbricht, Ross's mother, for several years. I became friends with the entire family.
This article turned out to be largly false: https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/dead-end-on-silk-road-internet-crime-kingpin-ross-ulbrichts-big-fall-122158/

2014 (february) - Public Lecture Series at Scoville Library (Salisbury, CT) on Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Value of Storage - packed house. I had learned all about the bitcoin technologies in a few months.

2014 (march) - Coin-in - a Bitcoin verification for multi-purpose use login system. Utilizing early coinbase's API http://wow.smallfishtechnologies.com/coin-in/coin-in.mp4 (turn down your volume. This mp4 is louder than need be).

2015 - I attended the final verdict and sentencing of Ross (The Dread Pirate Roberts) in NYC.
More about Ross: https://freeRoss.org


2015 - On Main Street (Lakeville, CT). 13 employees. Custom Software.
Projects included, but not limited to: mobile applications, Google Analytics custom software management tools, test environments for most devices, permission levels, feedback loops, user-specific portals, automated and manual testing w/ built in monitoring and report system, version control systems, load time maximizing and monitoring, donation and appeal management, quickbooks integration, restaurant reservation, inventory, POS, and staff management, custom email-to-web-to-social media API's, web-scraping & data normalizing. early electronic signature integration. a clothing line shopping cart.

2018 - SoftwareAlaCarte - reusable interchangeable code architecture. A flat file database system w/ unique race condition solution, micro-development/micro-royalty/micro-investment environment. Pre-Web3.0, Recursive, PATRICIA trie-ish, etc.

2021 - TheSifter - a search engine - an undetermined non-trivial amount of cluster relationships in a high dimensional non-balancing non-linear non-hierarchical non-static unique trie data structure for this self-guided data navigation system. Use of Corecursion, Lazy Evaluation, and the "Blessing of Dimensionality"

2022 - oneFileDeSo - Blockchain Hackathon winner: 3rd in Category; 7th overall. DeSo Blockchain Hackathon - I re-wrote their go-centric API interface software in php for wider distribution oneFileDeSo project I am an active member of the DeSo Blockchain Community. I have worked with several other blockchains, DeSo is by far the smartest chain available today.

Enjoys Chess, Guitar, Soccer, Economics, coercion-proof voting systems, self-governing privacy, and "absolute" data-security models. Community participation in Library Chess Club, After School Programs teaching Scratch and Chess, various town boards over the years, school board for Region 1.

Over the years, I have completed different projects working with 36+ computer languages.
Easy for me to learn new programming languages, but I want to move away from programming and more towards my other skills and experiences.

Positions at your company that appeal to me:
Think Tank
Programming Team Leader
Developing Efficient Processes
Creative Problem Solving

Experience: 11 years

Yearly salary: $120,000

Hourly rate: $60

Nationality: 🇺🇸 United States

Residency: 🇺🇸 United States


Period Title Company
1990 - 2023 Self