Customer Success Manager

๐Ÿš€ Empowering Customer Journeys | Driving Growth | Transforming Experiences ๐Ÿš€

As a seasoned navigator in the realm of customer experiences, I'm driven by the philosophy that every interaction is an opportunity to create lasting impressions. Currently at the helm of customer-centric strategies at HulkApps, I orchestrate seamless journeys that transcend transactions, fostering connections that resonate long after the encounter.

With a penchant for innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence, I thrive in dynamic landscapes where challenges are catalysts for growth. My journey is marked by a commitment to continuous learning, always seeking to expand horizons and refine skills to stay ahead of the curve.

Beyond the confines of titles and boundaries, I embody versatility and adaptability, ready to thrive in any environment that values passion, creativity, and a drive for mastery. My ethos centers on the belief that every experience is an opportunity to learn, evolve, and make a meaningful impact.

Let's connect and explore how together, we can elevate experiences, drive growth, and chart new frontiers in the ever-evolving landscape of customer engagement.

Experience: 6 years

Yearly salary: $30,000

Hourly rate: $20

Nationality: ๐ŸŒ Remote

Residency: ๐ŸŒ Remote


Period Title Company
2021 - customer experience manager HulkApps
2019 - 2021 customer service representative M Plus (HelloFresh)
2018 - 2019 chief operating officer Queue.ba
2018 - 2018 waiter Restaurant Kibe Mahala
2018 - 2018 waiter Hotel Radon Plaza
2017 - 2018 bartender Pub Charlie Chaplin
2017 - 2017 bartender Misker House, d.o.o.