Software Engineer

A Full Stack Developer with experience in FinTech and Cloud Application Development. Proficient in building user-focused websites and applications with the latest technologies and coding standards to enable competitive advantage and propel revenue growth.

I am looking for Golang/Kubernetes jobs where I get to build microservices and/or handle/design code infrastructure, automate processes, setup CI/CD, etc.

I have worked in a cloud computing company where I had major contributions in developing a multi-tenant cloud application:
- Contributed to developing the authorization, authentication, and zero-trust security architecture of our platform utilizing the Ory Stack (https://www.ory.sh).
- Set up and developed the Microfrontend design pattern using Webpack Module Federation which enabled developers to create user-focused and performant microfrontends with the latest coding standards.
- Contributed to developing core functionalities that enabled users to migrate their data to the cloud and run custom code/logic on our platform."

I have worked in a digital bank where I:
I. Played a crucial part in the development of innovative tools to streamline and automate intricate and repetitive in-house processes:
 1. Contributed in engineering a sophisticated user interface leveraging GraphQL, effectively simplifying data retrieval from diverse tables and expediting IT and customer support workflows by a margin of up to 50%. 
 2. Made major contributions to the creation of a robust Feature Toggle application, instrumental in empowering both developers and customer support personnel to seamlessly enable or disable features.
 3. Pioneered the design and implementation of an intuitive UI for a dynamic renderer which enabled the creation of low-code user interfaces. This approach involved a drag-and-drop interface for common UI components, significantly enhancing Feature Delivery speed up to 50%.
II. Substantial contributions to a pivotal feature that enabled users in referring their friends to register for our mobile digital banking application. This strategic enhancement led to a surge of up to 70% in customer acquisition.
III. Assumed the responsibility of crafting and maintaining meticulous documentation for all our features. This encompassed the utilization of tools such as Draw.io and tabulated representations for API Contracts, ensuring comprehensive and structured documentation standards were upheld.

I worked in a loyalty / customer engagement solutions company where I played an instrumental role in the advancement of our platform dedicated to customer loyalty, rewards, and marketing initiatives. Significantly contributed to the enhancement of functionalities aimed at optimizing our customer data migration process, resulting in a notable acceleration of the customer onboarding process by 30%.

Experience: 3 years

Yearly salary: $60,000

Hourly rate: $30

Nationality: 🇵🇭 Philippines

Residency: 🇵🇭 Philippines


Period Title Company
2020 - 2021 Developer ING Hubs Philippines
2021 - Developer Lemongrass Cloud UK