Senior Frontend Developer

As a Senior Developer, I'm passionate for learning and expanding my skillset both in my
personal life and my professional career. Given the rapidly-evolving technology landscape,
frameworks, libraries, and tools can change frequently, and I prioritize maintaining a clean and
consistent codebase as a key factor in achieving success. With almost a decade of experience
in professional software development, I have worked on various projects, gaining experience
and expertise in emerging technologies such as the crypto and blockchain domains. My skills
and experience allow me to thrive in diverse environments and work collaboratively with
other team members to deliver high-quality projects.
My dedication to learning and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in my
field makes me a valuable asset to any team. I am committed to delivering exceptional work
and striving for excellence in everything I do.

Experience: 10 years

Yearly salary: $140,000

Hourly rate: $0

Nationality: 🇨🇭 Switzerland

Residency: 🇨🇭 Switzerland


Period Title Company
2014 - 2017 Full-Stack Developer ipeak Infosystems
2017 - 2018 Mobile App Developer Edge5
2019 - 2020 Full-Stack Developer yourmile
2020 - 2023 Senior Frontend Developer Bitcoin Suisse