Community Manager

Hi! I’m Alex and I’m a Community and Marketing Manager in DeFi and blockchain driven projects.

I'm an experienced community & marketing manager with a background in blockchain and cryptocurrency. I have the ability and competences to build and engage multilanguage online communities, and drive adoption for decentralized finance (DeFi) products. Adept at community building, content creation, social media management, marketing and event planning.

The main result of my work for me is when the employer gets more profit, customers are satisfied and spreading the word, company profits grow, and our brand is heard by customers. I think this is the best manifestation of my personal qualities in the role of Community and Marketing Manager.

Work Experience:
Community Manager, DeCommas (2022 - Present)
Developed and executed community engagement strategies to increase adoption of DeFi products and strategies
Managed social media presence, created and published engaging content, and organized virtual events
Monitored online conversations and managed online reputation, responding to customer inquiries and complaints
Hold AMAs and made statistics analysis of participants and their inquiries
Responded to user inquiries, resolved customer complaints, and fostered a positive online community
Collaborated with product and marketing teams to align community initiatives with company goals
Moderator and convo creator
Designed and executed social media campaigns (f.e. Crew3 collab), resulting in increased engagement and followers 
Business owner, LLC ProMotion (2013-Present)
Managing and owning a successful small IT business for [10 years]. Developed and maintained a diverse client base, ensuring customer satisfaction and increasing business growth.
Utilized strong leadership skills to manage a team of 7 people and delegated responsibilities effectively
Implemented efficient and cost-effective IT solutions for clients, including software installations, network setup, and data management
Conducted market analysis and made data-driven decisions to stay ahead of industry trends and remain competitive in the market
Maintained a hands-on approach to ensure smooth daily operations and a positive company culture
Implementing blockchain in some client products

Experience: 2 years

Yearly salary: $25,000

Hourly rate: $0

Nationality: 🌏 Remote

Residency: 🌏 Remote


Period Title Company
2021 - 2022 Community Mod DeCommas
2022 - Community Manager DeCommas