Crypto, Web3, Fintech Journalist, Copywriter And Marketer

My professional journey began in London, where I have been working for a renowned macroeconomic research company as a research analyst. This incredible experience has shaped my professional ethic and the way I approach things. Namely, I trust data more, than my own judgement. Moreover, I have learned and managed to look for impossible-to-find data and know how to read academic research papers and economic outlooks. Sometimes, when the information is less accessible I have learned how to be creative in my research and access the less conventional data sources. 

Working in the financial sector has helped me to understand key investment ideas, learn what makes the market move, analyse data, search for patterns, learn financial jargon and many more. However, my passion for writing took me further and I proceeded with my career as a Financial Editor in Forbes magazine in Latvia and Finland. This experience without a doubt has taught me how to speak to all kinds of audiences about complex financial and crypto topics in an easy and accessible way, but also interesting to those readers who had more experience in the financial sector.  

Later on, I transitioned to the world of fintechs. In my previous roles, I have helped several fintech and blockchain startups to launch their corporate blogs, and written numerous articles which helped to improve brand image, drive traffic and customers, and improve ranking in search engines. The content I have produced I have analysed continuously to assess its impact, what needs to be improved, and which channel has brought more customers. However, most importantly, I have written all my articles in order to educate customers or market participants about the market I have been working in.  

I am passionate about research and investigating different economic and social phenomena.

Experience: 11 years

Yearly salary: $60,000

Hourly rate: $40

Nationality: 🇱🇻 Latvia

Residency: 🇬🇷 Greece


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2017 - 2023 Content Creator and Community Manager FineContent