Senior Rust Engineer

Development Engineer with strong orientation and extensive DevSecOps experience.

I’ve spent practically my entire professional career ( more than 25 years of experience ) as a developer, directing it in the last 6 years towards the DevOps culture out of pure
personal vocation and with which I feel really comfortable.

For many years my development environments have always been Linux ( RedHat, Debian, and more recently with Manjaro) and I have also developed for Unix/Linux environments providing advanced knowledge and experience.

I am passionate about participating in projects equipped with integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) in its different phases, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing (unitary and integration), Build and Deployment, preferably combining characteristics similar to the following;
- High levels of automation. Automate as much as possible.
- Unit and Integration Tests development and CI/CD pipelines processes.
- Cloud environments, Azure, AWS and Gcloud.
- Architectures based on code (IaC).
- Advanced use of tools Terraform for infrastructure management. Fedora CoreOS instantiations, using Butane → Ignition user data (disc mirroring and
luks automatic unlock using Tang). Use of Bakend S3 for terraform state. poseidon/ct Terraform provider. State data isolation managing Terraform
- ansible-playbook for the automatic configuration of the instances of said architectures.
- Ansible-vault for Ansible data files and variables encryption/decryption in git repos.
- Advanced and intensive use of GitLab and Jenkins CI/CD pipelines and Github Actions for the automation of continuous integration and delivery processes including infrastructure automation using Terraform as well as the deployment and configuration of microservices (Docker Swarm and Kubernetes) using ansible-playbook.
- Advanced used of Kubertnetes and Docker Swarm.
- Best Security Practices and Standards in all the software development life cycle (SDLC), integrating application and infrastructure security into Agile and DevOps processes (PCI-DSS - and CIS -
- Performing FullStack functions, Serving both Backend components by programming in Linux Shellscripts (zsh and bash), Rust (personally preferred language), Node.js (Typescript), Python, JVM (Java, Scala, Groovy with Clojure aspirations).
- As a Frontend programming in Typescript for React.js (or similar framework).

For many years (1997 - with the Swedish company Midware Information) I have been acquiring skills in my self-management for remote participation in critical and advanced projects, currently having my own laboratory with backup mechanisms (duplication of development environments, different Internet access alternatives, etc.) in order to
attend remotely and continuously.

One of my most notable preferences is working by objectives, without a schedule having to negatively influence their achievement. I work for responsibility and
objectives, not for sticking to a schedule unless the project requires it (Scrum requirements).

With few exceptions, I work almost exclusively for projects managed under the Scrum methodology with tools for its control, such as Jira, to which I am especially accustomed and without which it would be difficult for me to organize and manage my participation in the most optimal way.

My personal aspirations always lead me to prefer projects in which I have to interact in English to consolidate and strengthen my communication skills.

I tend to be participatory, highly appreciating the work of teamwork, offering telematic collaborative skills.

As a plus I can offer also my knowledge and experience (from 2011) in the Blockchain field, specifically and more recently with Hyperledger Fabric as a decentralized solution designed for enterprise use. I also have experience with Solana Programs (SmartContracts) as a developer using Rust, Anchor and Metaplex.

As the most recent turning point in my professional career, I am expanding my knowledge in data science, applying my Mathematical mindset developed under my knowledge of Linear Algebra and Infinitesimal Calculus together with the different languages (python), tools (numpy and SciPy) and algorithms existing in the field of Data Science and Machine Learning.

Experience: 3 years

Yearly salary: $65,000

Hourly rate: $0

Nationality: 🇪🇸 Spain

Residency: 🇪🇸 Spain


Period Title Company
2016 - 2019 DevOps/Python Java Software Engineer NOKIA - VELOCIX
2019 - DevOps/Blockchain/Rust Engineer Aubay – SAM
2014 - 2016 DevOps/Groovy/Java Software Engineer BANCO SANTANDER GROUP
2012 - 2014 DevOps/Groovy/Java Software Engineer BNP Security Services
2010 - 2012 J2EE Architect ALCATEL-LUCENT
2004 - 2010 J2EE Developer Calculo SA
1997 - 2004 Java/Perl Developer Midware Information