Primary Product Manager

Individual resume
2B Background System | 2C Mobile Application | SAAS | 0 to 1 | Product Design | PM | Start up business | 1.5 Years
Blockchain | WEB 3.0 | DeFi | NFT | Payment | User Growth | PLC | SCRUM | JAVA | Database
Axure | Visio Processon | Xmind Mindmanager | PS | CET4

Project experience

Scan code management background(TOB | SaaS)
Ø Help enterprises to explore the market for new products, conduct research for marketing personnel, product systems and terminal competitive product sales, and IT products, test samples of products in the market with artificial intelligence, test the existing functions of IT product systems, and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of products.
Ø With the features of one thing, one code and online payment, complete the design of customized products. From 0 to 1, set up the scanning code management background and scanning code small program to realize the fine and intelligent management of rights and interests in the business process life cycle of "factory unloading - dealer unloading - terminal unloading - obtaining rights and interests - payment for goods". Guarantee 1 billion yuan of freight flow, monitor the terminal sales progress of 40,000 units, write off the terminal cash rights and interests of 100 million yuan.
Ø In order to meet the management needs of business personnel, the system background provides access audit, protocol control, code scanning management, wallet management, equity payment, points mall and other modules, which are used in combination with code scanning small program to form a business closed-loop, which is built into alcohol SAAS products after online iteration.

Scan code small program(TOB)
Ø As a front-end application, it mainly provides end-users with functions such as agreement signing, cargo code scanning, wallet management, and equity payment. From 0 to 1, I led the construction of the code scanning small program based on the wechat platform. After the launch, I continued to obtain user feedback and optimized and iterated on user experience. The daily code scanning volume is about 10,000 in the stationary period, and up to 100,000 in the peak period.

Digital management background(TOB)
Ø In order to improve the overall service level of the enterprise, the company conducted research on the enterprise, stores and enterprise IT system, mined the pain points of the enterprise data island, sorted out the IT system and existing functions, and optimized the business process. With the characteristics of data reflux and intelligence, the customized product design is completed, and the digital management system is reconstructed to achieve multi-department, multi-store and multi-channel data opening, improve the efficiency of the business links of "recruitment, training, promotion, appointment, delivery and feedback", and reduce the management cost of more than 100 stores.
Ø To deepen the understanding of the user, the background to provide product center, staff center, content, user center, marketing center, order center, stores and other modules, and buried the new data points, the user label, to set up business behavior data and user behavior data two data centers, collect user data, digital to provide data support for the enterprise.

Guest applets(TOC | O2O)
Ø As a front-end application for users, the small program to obtain customers provides 500,000 users with store selection, project reservation, technician reservation, member center, member mall and other functions. Led the small ordinal intelligent upgrade based on wechat platform. In order to strengthen enterprises' understanding of users, planned data burying points, designed user label system, and labeled users with natural attributes, behavioral attributes and RFM data model system, reducing enterprise promotion costs by 30% and user turnover rate by 10%.

System operation and maintenance(TOB | Project management)
Ø As an operation and maintenance staff, I was responsible for Bug processing of 2 CRM background, 2 Android apps, 2 wechat mini programs and 1 background mall. I also undertook the implementation of several new requirements of Party A, including business negotiation, planning, scheduling, resource coordination and development progress tracking.

Experience: 2 years

Yearly salary: $40,000

Hourly rate: $20

Nationality: 🇨🇳 China

Residency: 🇨🇳 China


Period Title Company
2021 - 2022 Product Manager Chengdu Biz technology company