Junior Frontend Developer

Hello, I'm Simone Russomanno, a passionate Frontend Developer with 3 years of experience in crafting captivating digital experiences. My journey into the world of web development began as a quest to blend creativity and technology, and I haven't looked back since.

With a keen interest in blockchain technology, I find myself immersed in the fascinating world of decentralized solutions. When not delving into the intricacies of code, you'll often find me participating in hackathons alongside my friends, where we collaboratively build innovative solutions and push the boundaries of what's possible.

I thrive on the challenges that come with creating seamless user interfaces and elegant user experiences. My toolkit includes a strong command over technologies such as Next.js, TypeScript, ethers.js, Tailwind, and Redux. These tools allow me to build robust and performant applications that users love to engage with.

What truly drives me is the desire to be a part of the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape. I'm actively seeking remote opportunities that align with this passion—projects that not only provide me with stimulating challenges but also offer a platform to further expand my skill set while contributing to the growth of this exciting realm.

Collaboration is where the magic happens for me. I revel in team environments, where ideas bounce freely and camaraderie is fostered. Building meaningful relationships with colleagues is as important to me as writing clean and efficient code.

So, whether you're looking for a dedicated Frontend Developer with a flair for blockchain integration or a team player who's ready to embark on new web3 adventures, I'm here to transform digital visions into reality.

I'm ready to shape the future of the web, one innovative project at a time.


Experience: 3 years

Yearly salary: $45,000

Hourly rate: $25

Nationality: 🇮🇹 Italy

Residency: 🇮🇹 Italy


Period Title Company
2022 - 2023 frontend developer KNOBS
2023 - 2023 frontend developer Galaxy Throne
2022 - 2022 frontend developer Big Picture
2021 - 2022 frontend developer Poker Magia