Senior Full Stack And Blockchain Engineer

I am looking for full time position as a senior full stack and blockchain engineer

I am thrilled to offer my services as a Senior Full Stack and Blockchain Engineer. With expertise in a wide range of frontend and backend technologies, extensive blockchain knowledge, and experience working with various databases and project management tools, I am confident that I can provide the necessary skills and insights needed to take your projects to the next level.

In terms of frontend technologies, I have advanced proficiency in HTML, CSS, Tailwind, Bootstrap, React/ Redux/ Material UI, Angular/ Vue, and can develop stunning user interfaces that meet your needs. For backend development, I am experienced in PHP/ Laravel, Node.js/ Express.js, Python/ Django, Java, C#, and ASP.NET Core, among others, allowing me to build robust applications that are scalable and high-performing.

Moreover, I possess strong knowledge in the blockchain space, including Web3.js/Ether.js, Solidity/Rust, Truffle/Hardhat, Mint/Staking /Faming, NFTMarketplace, Solana, Cosmos, DAO, EOS, DAPPS, and much more. This allows me to offer valuable insights when developing decentralized applications or creating smart contracts for your business operations.

Regarding databases and PM tools, I have worked with all of the following - MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Trello, Asana, Jira, and more, making me well-equipped to manage your data and streamline project management processes.

Lastly, I have vast knowledge in services like Firebase, AWS, Azure, Amplify, Bluehost, Cpanel, and other platforms and tools that can help drive your projects and steer them towards success.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or queries. It would be an honor to work with you as your Senior Full Stack and Blockchain Engineer.


Hiroshi Tokudome

Experience: 6 years

Yearly salary: $100,000

Hourly rate: $50

Nationality: 🇯🇵 Japan

Residency: 🇯🇵 Japan


Period Title Company
2017 - 2020 Full Stack Web Developer Five Jars
2020 - 2023 Senior Full Stack and Blockchain Engineer FIXERS