Senior Solidity Smart Contracts Engineer And Auditor

 💻#Senior #Blockchain #Solidity #SmartContracts #Engineer and #Auditor with Exceptional Experience.💻

🛠About me:
🔭 https://www.artizen.fund Early Adopter.
⛓ https://openartmarket.com Pioneer Solidity Smart Contracts Developer.
📊 https://www.angelblock.io Early Investor.
🌦 http://anzairu.com C.T.O. and Co-Founder.

👨🏼‍💻Your Blockchain C.T.O./Tech Guy for Hire!!!💻:
🤔Are you a Blockchain Start-Up that doesn't have a C.T.O./Have one without Real Life Coding Skills?🤔 💢No problem! I can support you if you Temporarily need a C.T.O. for:
✳️ Hiring a Software Development/Technical Talent for creating your M.V.P.
✳️ Understanding the processes and struggles of Blockchain Software Development.

✔️"It's not about the finished Product; it's about the Process".
✔️"It's not about Coding, it's about Communication".

✅I Understand for you the Complex Technical things that you need to know, and I Communicate for you to the Developers the needs that you don't know how to explain.

✅I have great experience working on Complex N.F.T.s Projects and Platforms, including N.F.T.s linked to Real Life ArtWorks.
✅Low Gas Consumption and Security are my Crucial Focus when Developing and/or Auditing Smart Contracts.
✅I Developed projects for +16 clients on UpWork with an average rating of 5/5.

📓My Skills Include Javascript, Typescript, Solidity, Git, Hardhat, Truffle Suite, Ethers.js, Web3.js, Open Zeppelin Library, Unit Testing(Mocha & Chai), Slither and Mythril, ChainLink and I.P.F.S Client as Main Skills; HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4, Material-UI, SASS, React.js Hooks, Redux and Vue.js on the Front-end and I also have Basic Knowledge in Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB and Mongoose on the Back-end as Secondary Skills.📓

📓I have knowledge of Full-Stack Web Development but I prefer to Specialize in Blockchain and Solidity Smart Contracts Development Technologies.📓

🎈I think there is nothing better than a "Let's do it!"🙌🏼 attitude when working with a good team on a project.
📔I feel very comfortable teaching things to others and leading small teams.
📈Passionate about Investments, E-Sports and Economics.
📚I am very ambitious and curious and I am continually learning new things.

👨🏻‍💻UpWork Profile:

✔️See my (public) work and projects:
⛓GitHub:_ https://github.com/Nachoxt17
⛓Portfolio:_ https://nachoxt17.github.io/ignacioceaglio-portfolio/

Experience: 3 years

Yearly salary: $90,000

Hourly rate: $45

Nationality: 🇮🇹 Italy

Residency: 🇵🇱 Poland


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2020 - Please read my LinkedIn Profile LinkedIn Profile