Greetings to all!

Here I am saluting you as a professional freelance translator/editor, providing premium services in the English-Turkish language pair for about 11 years.

Before all this, I got my Bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature, and worked as an English teacher for a total of 3 years (2 years in Turkey, one year in Italy). Enjoying Italy as a Comenius language assistant added the glamorous Italian language in my linguistic repository. However, since I am not as competent in Italian, I occasionally do Italian translations if the content is not highly technical.

My well-acquired experience in the translation and localization industry covers almost every field from engineering, law, marketing and advertising to social sciences, education, general correspondence, tourism, and peaks with a strong expertise in medicine, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Or that was the ATH of then...

Because, in December 2021, I found myself falling down the fascinating Web3 rabbit hole which introduced me to the big guys 'blockchain, cryptoeconomics, decentralized finance and DAOs', literally topping up my portfolio of translation areas. And yet, there was also a cherry on that top: limitless learning opportunities offered by Web3. Thanks to such generosity, I am also working on exploring new paths to buidl, and maybe the ATH moment of future.

I am still collaborating with leading international translation agencies as a freelancer. And I also contribute to DAOs mainly including BanklessDAO and LanguageDAO, as well as several Web3 projects (Paladin, BitDAO, Juicebox, Obscuro, Index, Polygon, translating their social media content, product sheets, newsletters, websites, whitepapers, litepapers, blogs, dapps, etc.

Here is a glimpse of possibilities: 

Experience: 11 years

Yearly salary: $40,000

Hourly rate: $35

Nationality: 🇹🇷 Turkey

Residency: 🇹🇷 Turkey


Period Title Company
2021 - Translator/Editor TransPerfect
2021 - Translator/Editor BanklessDAO
2020 - Translator/Editor RWS Group
2019 - Translator/Editor Localex LSP