Senior Game Writer, World Builder

A neurospicy perpetual thinker of the long game, I have a thirst for maintaining my track record of creating lasting and scalable experiences that matter, all starting with an MVP.

As a world builder and narrative writer in web3 gaming spaces, I firmly believe lore is the DAO of culture.  This is most recently seen in my work at Altered State Machine, where I brought about the creation and growth of narratives and brand stories throughout ASM products to and with the community-at-large.  In addition, I was the guiding force behind the Lore Council, a diverse collective of talented writers and cross-functional creatives that evolved our respective ecosystems into what would become Futureverse.  This included ASM's World of Alleriya, Gods & Goblins, Fluf World, ATEM Car Club, and Seekers.

As the Product Manager for Photogra's dropoutGS event photography software, I established the communication avenues for user feedback, created the product's knowledge base with user input, and brought the product to socials.

My own story started in gaming spaces and progressed through to professional entertainment, evenly divided between the two. 

In gaming, I recently brought my 40+ year hobby of the World of Evindale into production.  This multi-age, multi-genre campaign setting for TTRPGs has been brought to life with an ever-growing fan base on Discord, Twitch, and Fandom. Publishing on schedule for Q1 2024.

Experience: 11 years

Yearly salary: $90,000

Hourly rate: $0

Nationality: 🇺🇸 United States

Residency: 🇺🇸 United States


Period Title Company
2022 - 2023 Lore Master Altered State Machine
2010 - 2020 Product Manager Photogra, Inc.
2000 - 2010 Systems Administrator AFP Imaging Corp
1990 - Author, world builder World of Evindale