My background is in IT, specialized in security and communications. I got some certifications like CCNA,CCNP,.. as well. After a few years working as a System & Security Analyst I started to move slowly to the consultant, pre-sales and finally sales area that made have a wide experience along these last years. What I say I started dealing with computers and I ended up dealing with People.
In any case, I have never lost that excitement about technology and from one day to another an because I was more and more interested into coding I decided to take some courses, check what the new technologies are and when I came across the web3 world I just fall in love. 

Since then, I've been enrolled in some full stack bootcamps and taking some Rust courses just to have a whole picture of what web3 requires.

Experiece: 6 months

Yearly salary: $75,000

Hourly rate: $40

Nationality: 🇬🇧 United Kingdom

Residency: 🇬🇧 United Kingdom


Period Title Company
2018 - 2022 Sales manager M3M Networks
2015 - 2018 Account manager RentalCars
2008 - 2014 System Analyst Xerox
2000 - 2009 System Analys Mememsa