Innovative Leader

A versatile entrepreneur and industry luminary, I've worn multiple hats as the Founder and CEO of ViceWrld, a pioneering Web3 startup, and as the Managing Director of Front Fanz, a thriving subscription and live streaming platform. My career is a testament to adaptability and resilience, consistently steering growth and success across diverse and dynamic industries.

Preferring to work autonomously, I have a self motivated personality and excel in leadership roles

My life in web3 has so far been a thrilling journey and I have built a respectable following online through my work using my alias Jordanna Foxx

Experience: 3 years

Yearly salary: $50,000

Hourly rate: $0

Nationality: 🇬🇧 United Kingdom

Residency: 🇬🇧 United Kingdom


Period Title Company
2023 - 2024 Managing Director FrontFanz
2023 - 2024 Founder HeroHER.o
2018 - 2019 Finance Manager HB PLANT LTD
2007 - 2017 Director of Entertainment
2012 - 2016 Promotional Representative TRO
2008 - 2010 Surgical & Aneasthetic Assistant NHS
2024 - Co-Founder Maddison AI
2023 - 2024 Web3 Marketing Advisor Freelance
2021 - 2023 CEO & Founder VICEWRLD - Acquired by Pleasure Network
2019 - 2021 Events & Social Media Marketing Manager Par Market