Head Of Analytics

Hello! I’m Jovan, a seasoned Quant with a passion for leveraging data and advanced computational techniques to drive investment success. With a BSc in Mathematics from Warwick and more than five years of rich experience in the dynamic financial markets of New York and Europe, I’ve carved out a niche in analysing and optimising trading strategies to substantially enhance portfolio performance.

Throughout my tenure as Head of Analytics at Kiski, I have led the transformation of trading strategies for a global client base, managing assets totalling approximately $100B. My role involved the adept application of machine learning models and algorithmic toolkits to uncover alpha patterns, discover manager biases, and mitigate back-test overfitting and boost out-of-sample performance, significantly improving financial outcomes for our clients.

My expertise encompasses a wide range of technical skills, including advanced proficiency in Python, SQL, and the use of various data processing technologies. I am particularly proud of my contributions to the development of ‘Hummingbird’ an innovative platform that automated risk and performance metrics delivery, streamlining financial data analysis for fund managers, with a focus on simple usage following modern UI/UX design principles.

Beyond the finance domain, I ventured into the entrepreneurial world as the founder of Zeal, a pioneering talent development platform for the Esports industry, which further honed my strategic planning and product development skills.

I am now looking to bring my blend of quantitative analysis, strategic insight, and technological acumen to the crypto world. I am particularly interested in opportunities where I can apply my fundamental and quantitative analytics experience, and understand and uncover the nuances of this new and exciting domain! My crypto experience so far has only been through personal trading, so I am interested to see it from a professional lens, as well!

I thrive in environments that challenge the status quo and value innovation and creativity. If you are looking for a dedicated professional who combines analytical rigor with a strategic mindset, I would be thrilled to explore how I can contribute to your team. I am currently looking for remote openings!

Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] or (381) 66-006-566. I am looking forward to connecting and discussing potential opportunities where my background and your needs align!

Experience: 5 years

Yearly salary: $150,000

Hourly rate: $85

Nationality: 🇷🇸 Serbia

Residency: 🌏 Remote


Period Title Company
2019 - head of software analytics Kiski Group Inc.
2019 - 2022 quantitative analyst Kiski Group Inc.
2020 - 2022 founder Zeal Analytics Inc.
2019 - 2019 quantitative analyst Superfund Asset Management
2018 - 2018 junior financial analyst Kvantum Capital Partners