Solidity Developer

I still remember the day at high school when I successfully run my first script written in Batch. It is a quiz app containing ten items to answer and saves your highest score in a file. I was fascinated by how a simple notepad file can do amazing things. The same day, I discovered programming and started searching on Google, "What is the hardest programming language to learn?" and guess what? Google says C++. Without hesitation, I quickly started my laptop and began learning the language. It was easy at first until I encountered pointers. :D

My passion drives me to choose Computer Science as my degree. I didn't waste my time learning different languages and frameworks. Most of my friends have a collection of anime shows on their laptops, while I have a collection of Indian tutorials about programming. I built different websites, mobile apps, and desktop apps and joined several programming competitions online. It drastically improved my programming skills, most especially in designing algorithms.

Now that I'm in the tech industry, my passion still lives with me. I know there are more technologies to learn, more projects to build, more documentations to read, and more bugs to debug, but it will be awesome.

Skills: Blockchain, Mobile, Web
Technologies: Ethereum, Solidity, Node.js, React, MongoDB

P.S. I didn't use C++ throughout my career :D

Experience: 3 years

Yearly salary: $70,000

Hourly rate: $0

Nationality: 🇵🇭 Philippines

Residency: 🇵🇭 Philippines


Period Title Company
2019 - Blockchain Developer StackTrek Enterprises