Community Manager

My name is Kean John Sean Lagbo, however, my friends and family generally refer to me as Kenshin. I got the moniker in a forum from 2016. I'm a 24-year-old Filipino residing in the Philippines right now.

I first joined a site called Bitcointalk in 2016, which sparked my interest in learning more about cryptocurrencies and initiated my exploration of the field.

My first job was as a community manager for an initial coin offering project, where I engaged with the community and managed to forge relationships with them. Typically, I write articles for every other project while acting as a project advisor and having marketing experience.

Experience: 6 years

Yearly salary: $20,000

Hourly rate: $10

Nationality: 🇵🇭 Philippines

Residency: 🇵🇭 Philippines


Period Title Company
2022 - 2022 Collaboration Manager H-Hedz Sharksquad
2022 - 2022 Chief Growth Officer Heroes Uprising
2019 - 2019 Project Advisor Metal Packaging Token
2022 - 2022 Community Moderator Cub Kingdom
2021 - 2022 Community Manager Axie Infinity
2022 - 2022 Community Manager Pegaxy
2017 - 2018 Community Manager Oyster Protocol