Senior Front End Engineer

Female | 7 years of work experience | Job Intention: Front-end Development Engineer 


  • Led front-end development in multiple medium and large-scale projects. 
  • Proficient in JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue, React, HTML+CSS, Electron, Web3, and Solidity. 
  • Possess some back-end development skills including Node.js, MongoDB, and Redis. 
  • Fluent in spoken and written English, equivalent to CET-6. 
  • Regularly update personal technology blog at 
Work Experience 11/2017-04/2023 

  • Collaborated with back-end personnel, led the development and maintenance of two physical examination projects and related questionnaire system pages using Vue.js and TypeScript. 
  • Participated in designing front-end team development standards. 
  • Proposed constructive suggestions for improving and perfecting product details and implemented them. 
  • Committed to improving user experience of single-page applications, significantly enhancing the smoothness of page interactions after refactoring the physical examination project. 
Project Experience 

Independent Developer Projects 

03/2023- Present 

De-Fi Project 

  • Developed a decentralized exchange front-end application based on block-chain technology, aiming to provide users with convenient, secure, and efficient digital asset trading services. 
  • Responsible for front-end development, including interface design and front-end framework construction. 
  • Built the front-end application for the exchange using React framework. 
  • Utilized core block-chain technologies such as smart contracts, consensus algorithms, etc., to ensure the reliability and security of transactions. 
Personal Technology Blog 

  • Shared technical articles, tutorials, and experiences, providing valuable content and practical technical solutions. 
  • Implemented responsive layout supporting both mobile and PC using Next.js and TypeScript stack, achieving fast rendering and optimized performance. 
  •  Project URL:

Medical Checkup TO-B Project 

05/2022- Present 

  • Developed a multi-functional back-end management system based on H5 pages, with main features including customizing group examination plans, controlling the flow of people in the examination center, batch processing orders, and data statistics. 
  • Utilized Vue 2.6 front-end framework, webpack, and other build tools for the technical solution. 
  • Incorporated Excel.js for efficient handling of large amounts of data and pdf.js for stream processing and lazy loading of large files. 
  • Primarily responsible for project maintenance and feature enhancements. 
  • Implemented progressive refactoring, gradually optimizing measures such as data structure, component modularization, and dependency clarification. 
Medical Checkup TO-C Project 

02/2018- 05/2022 

  • Built an all-in-one online appointment and personalized custom physical examination service platform. 
  • Independently responsible for front-end development using Vue 3, TypeScript, and Pinia state management tool. 
  • Managed complex business processes using polymorphic factory pattern, state machine pattern, and other techniques. 
  • Promoted the adoption of TypeScript in front-end technical solutions. 
  • Refactored the code to introduce design patterns, upgrade progressive front-end frameworks to improve build efficiency. 
  • Ensured sustainability and rapid iteration by implementing reasonable encapsulation and abstraction for business logic. 
  • Achieved online stability by integrating real-time alerts for error rates, static resources, performance, etc. 
Postoperative Tracking System for China Medical College Cancer Hospital 


  • Developed a postoperative recovery tracking survey system for cancer patients. 
  • Built the front-end using Vue 3 framework with Vite build setup, and designed strong-typed polymorphic components using TypeScript. 
  • Introduced Fuse.js library with Bitap algorithm for fast pattern matching of fuzzy queries on esophageal cancer articles. 
  • Maintained consistency with the company's best practices in backend API design and database design. 
  • Utilized Redis for login caching and MongoDB for database storage, supporting multiple collection design patterns and various indexing methods. 

Beijing Language University 09/2019-07/2023 

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Technology

Experience: 6 years

Yearly salary: $50,000

Hourly rate: $50

Nationality: 🇨🇳 China

Residency: 🇨🇳 China


Period Title Company
2017 - 2023 Senior Front-end Engineer HAOLA