Solidity Engineer

With a background deeply rooted in the realms of technology and business development, I am a seasoned professional seeking opportunities in the dynamic intersection of blockchain technology and decentralized applications. My journey began with a Master's degree in Software Engineering from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, where I honed my skills in JAVA, JavaScript, and databases.

As a Software Engineer, I contributed to the development of impactful projects such as a user management system for China Mobile at Huawei 3Com and an information system monitoring platform for Jilin Mobile at AsianInfo Technology Limited. My technical expertise further expanded into emerging technologies like blockchain, Ethereum, and Solidity, solidifying my passion for the decentralized future.

Transitioning into the role of a Business Development Manager at China Mobile, I spearheaded transformative projects like the Mobile Police Project and the Internet Data Center Project for Lenovo Group. These experiences deepened my understanding of the intricate relationship between technology and business, sparking a keen interest in the revolutionary potential of blockchain and web3 technologies.

In my most recent years, I have delved into the web3 industry, focusing on business development where I've had the privilege of working with cutting-edge projects. My skill set encompasses not only technical proficiency in blockchain technologies but also a strategic and visionary approach to business development in the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized technologies.

Currently, my aspirations align with contributing to the Ethereum ecosystem and Smart Contract development using Solidity. I am enthusiastic about opportunities in blockchain technology, specifically roles that involve innovative projects and strategic business development within the web3 industry. My unique blend of technical acumen and business development expertise positions me to make meaningful contributions to projects that are shaping the future of decentralized applications.

I am actively seeking roles that allow me to leverage my skills and experience in Ethereum and Solidity development, contribute to groundbreaking blockchain projects, and drive business growth in the web3 industry. If you are looking for a professional with a proven track record in both technical and business domains, I am eager to explore how my skills align with your team's objectives.

Let's shape the future of decentralized technologies together.

Experience: 1 year

Yearly salary: $110,000

Hourly rate: $70

Nationality: 🇨🇳 China

Residency: 🇨🇳 China


Period Title Company
2015 - 2023 Business Development Manager ChinaMobile
2010 - 2015 Product Manager ChinaMobile
2009 - 2009 Software Engineer Huawei3com
2010 - 2010 Software Engineer AsianInfo