Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Business Development Officer, Vice President Of Business Development

Inventing is a process that can be both fun and challenging, but it's also something that can be very rewarding. Curiosity has led me to start inventing things, since my childhood. It seemed like such simple fun at the time, but here we are some +30 years later with multiple business ventures and projects under my belt. Little has changed. 
As a native global citizen — I’m very keen on people’s careers, and the methodologies and innovations that provide new opportunities in    internet ecosystem      networks      devices      systems      social platforms      community & growth patterns      NFT collections      fintech    gaming     and    L1&L2 protocols. 
Web 3 - the future of blockchain technologies is here and I can help you to understand how everything works together – through people. The digital world is a place where we can find new opportunities every day and I can help you save time, cut costs &  build successful things 
Human Relations  | Business Communications & Brand | Cross-Functional Collaboration | Creative & Economic Strategy | Sales, Marketing & Community Strategy | Product & Service Development | Leadership & General Strategy | Business Administration & Management | Mobile Game Development
Operations & Business Development | Capital Raising & Finance | Market Research | Startup Development | Full P&L Management | R&D
ACCOMPLISHMENTS  //  WEB3   (2021 – PRESENT) Researched and pre-produced web3 games  — designed game concepts, tokenomics & flow of values Built from the ground up a web3 team  — filled key roles in e.g., first-in-class cryptographySet up and took lead in web3 gaming initiatives  — a driving force in the studio’s transformational strategyTook care of and initiated healthy community building efforts  — recruited community managers in different timezonesSpearheaded the business development  — built a network of leading crypto experts and web3 companies worldwideAdvised NFT Web3 projects in business development, business growth mindshift, community, marketing, branding, product, and scaling strategies  ACCOMPLISHMENTS  //  GAMING   (2013 – PRESENT) Developed and released mobile game Card Smash: Tribal Lords  — “Top-50 Games in Soft Launch” -PocketGamer.com Built from the ground up a cross-functional senior/veteran game development team  — 10–15 personnel + partnersEstablished partnership with the leading publisher Playstack London to publish studio’s hybrid idle game Idle WarForgeSpearheaded commercial operations and business development  — built lasting partnerships and a wide network of game companies, investors, and leading game publishers worldwide |  
ACCOMPLISHMENTS  //  GENERAL   (2003 – PRESENT)Exceeded the avg. sales in the company by 12-foldPropelled biz dev for the #1 Mcap company in the worldRaised +15 “impossible” funding rounds / +USD3.5MM | Sold a portfolio of IIPs to the first blue-chip internet company (AOL)Organized the first web3 gaming event in Finland (P2E Brunch)Computed +USD25MM economic impact of an investment  |  

Interactive Link, Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Finland
A software & hardware project dedicated to designing and developing NFT enabled wrist wear
  ◼  R&D  (2022 – Present) 
Scope & Contribution: 1 personnel ▫ not incorporated ▫ R&D ▫ technology requirements ▫ principal user-centered design ▫ user psychology ▫ economics ▫ key visual ▫ feasibility ▫ business objectives ▫ industrialization ▫ security and law ▫ software development ▫ hardware ▫ integrations ▫ operability ▫ logistics ▫ sales & marketing ▫ received uplifting feedback

Heavyweight Rex, Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Finland
A privately held mobile free to play game studio
◼  FOUNDER / CEO / BOARD OF DIRECTORS   (2015 – 2018)
Scope & Contribution: 10–15 personnel ▫ commercial strategy ▫ Full P&L ▫ manage all operations ▫ finance and capital raise ▫ cross-functional team leadership ▫ key hires in gaming and web3 ▫ DeFi / Play-To-Earn / NFT R&D ▫ lead web3 / gaming business development ▫ studio identity, marketing, community, and paid user acquisition ▫ strategic partnerships ▫ purchased and created IP ▫ developed and released a CCG mobile game Card Smash: Tribal Lords ▫ developed a hybrid idle mobile game Idle WarForge & tied a publishing collaboration with a leading publisher Playstack London ▫ found and led the studio together with our amazing team, partners and investors ▫ created a global network of first-class gaming and crypto experts, studios, investors and publishers ▫ researched and pre-produced web3 game concepts ▫ built from the ground up a cross-functional senior/veteran game development team with key roles filled e.g., first-in-class in cryptography ▫ took care of and initiated healthy community building efforts, incl. recruiting community managers in different time zones ▫ took full control of the studio’s web3 initiatives ▫ delivered above-market-performance-metrics

Independent Contractor, Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Finland
Helping interesting clients on their business development and growth
◼  ADVISOR / CONSULTANT / INTERIM CEO   (Highlights from Jul 2020 – Present)
PFP 2.0 “Digital Pairs” NFT IP CollectiblesNFT Platform for game developersARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE on-demand SWARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE on-demand SWCRITICAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS SW+HWBiometric Recognition on-demand SW+HW | RTTI / BIG DATA On-Demand SWMobility on-demand SW EV Charging Infra Network Snowmobile Safari ExperienceSports Coaching on-demand SW Health on-demand SW  | RMG Game OperatorMobile Game StudioMobile Game StudioWeb2 Legal Services Platform Brewery & DistilleryTower Block Development
Scope & Contribution: 1 personnel  ▫  industry agnostic approach  ▫  customers ranging from solopreneurs to >Usd10BN companies  ▫  sparring partner of the Founders / CEOs  ▫  finance  ▫  business development  ▫  spearheaded risk assessment and the implementation of the governance infrastructure to support growth  ▫  rigorously drove impactful organizational change  ▫  improved the level of trust and the overall financial competence of customer  ▫  driving force in a number of successful private capital rounds in pressurized environments and to tight deadlines  ▫  solid ability to work effectively with a wide range of executives  ▫  improved executives individual performance, management, and productivity skills
Eccu Research, Helsinki Metropolitan Area & Greater Kuopio Area, Finland
Boutique Market Research firm serving high-caliber customers in global markets
◼  CO-FOUNDER / CEO / BOARD OF DIRECTORS   (2021 – 2012)
Scope & Contribution: 10–20 personnel ▫ 70% of the revenue from international research in +50 different markets ▫ customers ranging from startups to government subsidiaries to >Usd100BN companies ▫ strategy ▫ full P&L ▫ manage all operations ▫ key hires ▫ strategic partnerships ▫ service development ▫ studio identity ▫ built and scaled the company infrastructure from the ground up ▫ market research product portfolio service performance ▫ sales, GTM, marketing and customer acquisition ▫ co-found the company with amazing partners ▫ penetrated a highly competed market with clear productization ▫ grew revenue over twofold for several years in a row ▫ assisted clients with strategy formulation and delivery, improving KPIs and decision-making, mitigating PMF-related risks, and identifying new markets and growth opportunities.
Founder Institute, Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Finland◼  GLOBAL LAUNCH ALUMNI   (2017 – 2018) |   

Amiedu, Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Finland◼  FURTHER QUALIFICATION: AUDIOVISUAL COMMUNICATION IN GAME GRAPHICS   (2015 – 2017)

Balentor, Greater Kuooio Area, Finland◼  GROWTH AND LEADERSHIP ALUMNI   (2006 – 2007) |   

Finnish Air Force, Greater Kuopio Area, Finland◼  KARELIA AIR COMMAND (EK/KARLSTO) AIRMAN (LNTSTM),   (2002, 6 MOS.)
Technical Skills | Productivity & Office Suite (Google Workspace, iWork, Microsoft Office)  /  Remote Collaboration (Slack, Discord, Zoom, Google Meets)  /  Digital Marketing (Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, SEM, SEO)  /  Project Management (SCRUM, Jira, Confluence)  /  Flow Charts (Draw.io)  /  Business Analytics (Data Analysis, Data Modeling, Business Intelligence, Cash Flow calculations)  /  CRM (Pipedrive, Hubspot)  / Graphic Design (Branding, Adobe Photoshop)  /  Lead Generation (Linkedin Sales Navigator, Dux-Soup, Rocketreach, Crunchbase, etc.)  /  Web Development (Wix, WordPress, HTML)  /  Public Funding (Business Finland Tempo & R&D financing)

Languages | EnglishSwedish (Elementary proficiency) | Finnish

Experience: 11 years

Yearly salary: $150,000

Hourly rate: $125

Nationality: 🇫🇮 Finland

Residency: 🇫🇮 Finland


Period Title Company
2009 - Advisor, Executive Independent Contractor
2015 - 2022 Chief Commercial Officer Heavyweight Rex
2005 - 2012 CEO, Research Director Eccu Research